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Some people spend time they really don’t need to unnecessarily on tasks. I find that blogging is not as time consuming as it could be as I have mastered a few simple tips to make life easier. I thought I would share them with you for anyone looking to start a blog.

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Scheduling content makes life so easy. Instead of trying to be on social media all day every day scheduling previous posts and recipes to be shared on your social media when you are not there. All you need is a social media management tool such as ContentCal.

You might think that is lazy, I did at first but it makes perfect sense. Scheduling content to be shared on social media with a social media calendar means you don’t have to waste time resharing the same things and can focus on things like making new recipes.

Write evergreen content

If you write evergreen content instead of content that is topical it will keep bringing you traffic. This means you have less new content to create. If you are writing topical things then they soon go out of date.

Recipes for example are on the whole evergreen however some are better to share in the winter than the summer, eg slow cooker recipes.

Plan your time

Looking at a blank screen not knowing what to write can be such a waste of time. Planning ahead can make the world of difference and help you save time blogging. That way an hour of time put aside for blogging can be spent purely on blogging, not 20 minutes thinking what you need to do and 40 minutes blogging.

If you only have a few minutes then there is a lot you can do in 3 minutes. For example brainstorming new ideas or editing an old post to improve it’s SEO. There are so many tips for writing good content here.

Network with other bloggers

If you network with other bloggers, ie chat on Facebook, it actually does help you. Everyone has different tips or uses different plugins to help them and you might find others share good ones for you.

There are lots of blogging groups on Facebook all focussing on different things so do join lots and get to know other bloggers. Don’t be afraid to ask for tips with things you struggle with it could make all the difference.

Spend money wisely

In my experience blogging courses are a waste of money, joining paid groups and courses is throwing your money where you do not need to. Spend your money on things that will save you time like scheduling.

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