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The festive season is already here, which means that it’s the season to spend a lot of cash on thoughtful gifts for your loved ones and holiday decors, right? Well, that is not necessarily true, especially for woodworkers who can recreate numerous seasonal and stylish festive decorations. If you can create a considerable percentage of the decorations, you can save a lot of cash making these projects and also have fun in the process.

Pinterest pin of a white background with festive decorations including stars and gingerbread

Luckily, numerous decorative ideas can make your home more festive this coming season. So if you need something more than just glitter galore, plaid décor, and twinkle lights, you should consider these DIY projects.

8 DIY Projects That Can Make Your Home More Festive

Make Wooden Snowflake Stocking Stuffers

These fun little puzzles can become excellent festive decorations that everyone in your family will love. Start by drawing your patterns, making sure all the corners are rounded a little. Sketch it with a pencil and then trace the final product on a piece of paper using a black ball-point pen. Cut the pattern and then attach it to your workpiece. Allow the adhesive glue to dry before you start making your cuts using a top-quality power tool.

Trim the edges using a jigsaw and make sure your workpiece is more manageable for your scroll saw. Cut your snowflake using a scroll saw and then sand them before finally staining your final pieces. These fun holiday puzzles can become incredible festive decorations.

DIY Advent Calendar Garland

An advent calendar garland can be a great festive decoration for anyone who loves counting down the days to Christmas. For this project, you will need some fabric of any design, ribbon, toilet paper tubes, a string, and printable advent calendar labels. Start by cutting your fabric into 24 pieces symbolising the number of days left to Christmas.

And then cut your toilet paper tube into 24 pieces and then cover the piece of toilet paper tubes with each fabric and tie both ends using a piece of string. You can finally attach the number of days left on each tube, making sure you fill them with your kid’s favourite candy. Finally, you can piece these tubes together using a piece of string, and you are good to go.

Festive mantlepiece with red and white decorations


Make Marbled Ornaments

A beautiful Christmas tree ornament can be more unique if they have sentimental value. So you can make some unique ornaments by first swirling some water inside the ornament to dampen it and then pour enamel paint into them. Next, try and move the enamel paint around using a skewer stick. You can also tap the marbles against your hand in a circular manner until it’s fully painted and then allowed to dry. After 24 hours, you can hang these ornaments around your Christmas tree. These marbled ornaments are fun to make and can create some beautiful memories.

Plaid Pillows

You can turn an ordinary pillow into a festive couch décor within ten minutes. All you need is an affordable fleece blanket or other nice fabric and a sewing machine. Look for unique buffalo check plain blankets and turn them into pillow covers. Each blanket can make two 18-inch square pillow covers for your pillows. The new plaid pillows can give your entire living room a festive feeling. You can make it even better by adding a buffalo plaid reindeer pillow cover at the centre of your other pillows.

Red and white stag pillow on cream sofa with checked cushions behind


Make a Mini House Advent Calendar

You can upgrade your family’s advent calendar tradition by using some simple, charming wooden houses. You can make some small wooden houses using some small wood pieces with the date attached on the front. And then fill each one of them with some candy. The good thing about this advent calendar idea is that you can use it for several years to come.

Make a DIY Pine-Scented Candle

Other than leaving a beautiful scent all over your home, a scented striped candle can be a great festive decoration. To make this scented candle, you can start by melting 10 cups of wax in a huge pot and then add some drops of pine-scented oil and divide the wax into two bowls. Add green dye to one of the bowls to change its colour.

Determine the levels’ size and then place a wick at the bottom of the candle jar and stretch it to the top and pour the white wax in the bottom level. Allow it to solidify and add the green wax to the second level. Continue pouring the wax into the numerous layers until the jar is full. Finally, you can place it in the refrigerator to speed up the solidification process.

Garland Accents

Fresh garlands can make your home more festive, and customizing it can make your décor stand out. Customising it can ensure that it fits perfectly with your interior décor. So, you can grab vibrant coloured construction paper and then cut out numerous seasonal shapes. Glue them together and hang them on your garland. To make it stand out, you can use a ribbon of matching colour.

Lollypop Stick Snowflakes

Lollypop stick snowflakes make great Christmas decorations. For this project, you need large and small-sized lollypop sticks. Start by attaching the huge lollypop sticks to create three large sticks. Attach the three large lollypop sticks at the centre to create a star. Using a pair of scissors, you can cut the small popsicles and create the snowflakes. Assemble the small pieces of flakes before attaching them onto your star to create a huge snowflake. You can make as many snowflakes as you want and use them to decorate your house. Make sure you decorate it using some silver splitter and glue.    

Silver snowflake decoration


Final Thoughts

The festive season is a lovely time for family members and friends to have fun together and decorate their homes. Some people can do anything to make their house as homely as possible. Luckily, there are numerous DIY projects that can help you make your home stand out. Instead of spending a lot of money on decorations, why don’t you try and decorate your home using the above DIY projects?

Wooden surface with Christmas decorations, pinecones and gifts

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