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Nothing is quite as satisfying as revamping your place when you’re feeling a bit stuck in a rut. What better way to get creative this summer than finding fun yet sustainable ways to decorate your home? There are plenty of environmentally-friendly ways you can spruce up your place, without compromising on style.

Vintage elements to your home

Vintage is a more sustainable and unique way to decorate your home. You could go for particular pieces that interest you, for example, old tech or household items. Crockery and glassware can also have a practical use, as well as being kitsch. 

Collect old vintage posters like advertising from famous brands. Classic in style these are a great way to add nostalgia to any room. Something like an old Guinness advert, or Campbell’s soup, or something even lesser-known like video game artwork.


If you’re in need of something to do, why not create some art yourself? You can check out a painting or drawing workshop online to learn the basics if you’re artistically challenged. Something more personal will definitely add a lot of character and sentimental value.

The Tate Gallery has loads of fun interactive activities online. You can make pop art like Andy Warhol, learn about street art, or even make a painting out of chocolate. There are fun projects and games like building a robot or drawing your own fairy tale. 

Green Appliances in your home

You might want to consider slowly updating your appliances to smarter, more modern designs. You’ll save money in the future as they are much more energy-efficient. If you’re concerned about your carbon footprint, try an Energy Comparison site, to see if you could consume less.

Configure the electricity, heating, and other appliances to be programmed and activated from your smartphone. This will save you money because you can set things to come on when you’re on your way home, thus reducing your consumption overall.


Mass-produced, flatpack furniture just isn’t in vogue anymore. Upcycling is trending massively this year. If you really wanna bring your living space up to date, you’ve got to decorate it yourself with recycled materials. Get creative by refurbishing with used fabrics. 

Select your favourite designs to spruce up your chairs, sofas, bedding, and cushions.  Get stuck into fun projects looking for a new use for all different kinds of household items. There are plenty of cute ideas online.

Plant pots

Nothing adds life to a room more than plants or flowers. There are plenty of low maintenance options if you’re not naturally green-thumbed. Plants eat air pollution and help to refresh the atmosphere. They are also proven to improve your mood and to create a relaxing and welcoming environment. 
What used items around your house can you turn into a vase or a plant pot? You can find more inspiration online. Getting in touch with nature a little bit can be very therapeutic indeed, so utilise any outdoor space you might have. You can start by setting up window boxes or a herb garden.

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