The Make My Blinds vertical blinds in this article were sent to me in return for sharing our thoughts with you.

As you may have seen in my previous post, we have recently redecorated our lounge/diner. This is a room I spend a lot of time in as I also have my office space in there so it was important to me to get it right. We decided on vertical blinds for the windows and wanted to share with you our experience.

vertical blinds in a living room.

Choosing the colour and size of the blinds

When you have everything else in place, the wall colour, the carpet colour and even the curtains, it can be hard to choose the colour of the perfect blinds so we were pleased that Make My Blinds can send samples to help you decide in the comfort of your own home!

We knew that we wanted some shade of cream or white but it was surprising when we received a variety of how different they all were. We found the perfect shade easily and using the instructions on Make My Blinds we measured where they needed to go for the perfect fit.

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I was a bit anxious that we might have measured wrong as the instructions seemed too easy but it turned out they just were easy to follow and we did it just right!

We needed to choose whether we wanted the blinds to separate in the middle when opening or all go to one side and also which side we wanted to controls. This was easy as we chose left-hand controls and stacking both sides when opening fully.

Delivery of the blinds

The blinds arrived with a box of all the parts and a long tube for the bar. They were all well packaged and definitely would not have easily got damaged on the way.

Of course, like any blinds, you need to be aware the tube is long as it is as long as the window the blind will go in, plus a bit for packaging!

Fitting the blinds

The blinds were really easy to fit using the instructions on Make My Blinds and of course also in the packaging. Do be aware that if you watch any videos on Youtube that some might be for different brands which are supplied with slightly different fittings!

vertical blinds in a living room.

The final look

We absolutely love the blinds and they look great. They really finish off our room well and as I work in the lounge/diner it is great to just shut the blinds a little if the sun is glaring in but also to have great natural light coming through when I need it for photography!

What do you think about our blinds? Would you have chosen this colour and style for our room? Which room are you planning on decorating or updating next? Do let me know in the comments below.

large corner sofa in a modern lounge.

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