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I am always honest with you readers about my weight losses, gains and general struggles with my weight. When Musclefood asked me to review their Do The Unthinkable plan I was intrigued to see how it would work for me.

The plan is designed to help people looking to lose weight, get toned or build muscle.

Meals are delivered all prepared for you with very little effort required. The plan includes snacks and an exercise plan.

wooden table full of meals, snacks and porridge pots for the do the unthinkable plan from musclefood
One week worth of my meals on Do the unthinkable

What is the Do The Unthinkable plan?

With Do The Unthinkable all preparation and planning is done for you. There is a choice between a 5-day, six-day or 7-day plan each week.

The remaining meals should be healthy and balanced. When you order online you choose all your meals for the week at once including breakfasts and snacks.

do the unthinkable booklet with coffee, plums and a Trek cocoa coconut flapjack
breakfast on Do the unthinkable

The plan also includes an exercise plan if you wish to follow that too. All the exercises are ones which can be done from home easily.

The exercises are available online for you as well as on DVD so suit everyone.

Mushroom pesto pasta with a walnut chilli crumb in a bowl on a wooden table with booklet and packaging.
lunch on Do the unthinkable

How good is the food choice on Do The Unthinkable?

There is a good choice of meals on Do The Unthinkable, especially for men who have a larger choice due to requiring more calories! I am a vegetarian so my choice was a little more limited.

I did however still have around 6 meal choices. Vegans have fewer choices but I believe this is something they are looking to improve about the programme.

Jeera meat free musclefood meal with rice in a pot with fork in on a wooden table with DTU booklet
Tea on Do the Unthinkable plan

The meals seem to vary a little in size. It is possible to add extra vegetables to them and the booklet you receive in week one gives you guidance on portion control for these.

Goats cheese pizza with raw orange pepper sticks on a white spotty plate on a wooden table with cutlery and do the unthinkable booklet
Pizza for tea on the Do The Unthinkable plan

How did I find the plan?

I spent 4 weeks following the Do The Unthinkable plan for 5 days a week and trying to eat healthy balanced meals the other days. At times life got in the way and I ate completely off plan.

This however is of course normal. We all have family emergencies, stress and times when we just want to let our hair down.

fuel crunchy peanut porridge pot on worktop made up with a spoon in
Porridge for breakfast on Do The Unthinkable plan

I did however despite this lose 1 stone 5 lb in 4 weeks which I was really pleased with. Whilst I enjoyed the selection of foods I received on the whole there were a few that just were not to my taste.

As a vegetarian with the choices I had were predominantly pasta based, I do not think I could have done the plan for 7 days a week and enjoyed the variety of the two days off.

The Nutricious snack bar on brown surface
Snack on Do The Unthinkable plan

Initially, I must admit I found the plan difficult and felt like I was always hungry. In hindsight, this was more psychological than actually hungry.

The meals are high in protein so do keep you full but the size is smaller than I was used to. I am a fan of big portions. This is probably why I easily gain weight!

The snacks are also high in protein and in combination with the meals I never actually felt hungry once I was used to the fact that some of the meals looked small initially.

fuel salted caramel porridge pot with bowl of blueberries and on a wooden table with booklet and spoon in the porridge
A breakfast on Do The Unthinkable plan

Would I recommend Do The Unthinkable from Musclefood?

I would definitely recommend it however feel due to the cost it would probably be ideal for someone who is already spending a lot on food or takeaways.

As I still had to cook for my family it didn’t save me any time but I can see that for most people it would be a great time saver. Most meals are simply cooked in the microwave!

One easy delivery a week means you have your meals all sorted, especially if doing the 7-day plan.

exercise plan and dvd with booklet and snacks from do the unthinkable from musclefood
The exercise plan for Do The Unthinkable plan

Whilst the plan is relatively expensive I think it is important to remember that it also includes exercises.

The protein bars and similar that are included in your snacks generally are expensive anyway and often these are a minimum of £1 each.

With three snacks like this a day alongside the meals you can see why they charge what they do.

Battlebites bar from do the unthinkable plan
Cookies and cream snack for the Do The Unthinkable plan

I would also recommend the plan if like me you know you have an issue with portion control. After following the plan I am very aware that I accept less on my plate as that had become a habit.

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Musclefood summer moments graphic
Do The Unthinkable (Musclefood) Review - I lost 1st 5lb in 4 weeks

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