Some people assume that if you skip and miss meals that it can be an easy way to lose weight quickly. It seems logical that this could work and while you only might consider missing the odd breakfast and lunch here or there, you don’t see the harm.

But doing this can have a negative impact on any weight loss journey, and cause more harm than good. If you are wondering why this could be the case then here are some of the reasons why you should never skip meals. 

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Your blood sugar levels can drop

The meals you eat have a big impact on things such as your energy levels. If you eat too much, or in this case, don’t eat at all, then this can significantly affect your blood sugar levels and cause them to drop. If this happens you can start to feel lethargic and weak.

It can also impact your mood and cause you to feel tired and dizzy. Nobody wants to feel this way and regular mealtimes can help to keep your energy levels where they should be. 

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It can slow down your metabolism 

In some cases, skipping a meal can have the opposite effect of what you are trying to achieve. In your mind a meal skipped is one less meal to digest, but it can impact your metabolism in the wrong way.

A faster metabolism means you burn off food and calories far more quickly, skipping meals means your body won’t function as it should, causing your metabolism to slow right now. This can make it harder to lose weight in the long run. 

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You could be missing out on vital nutrition

We all need a certain amount of nutrients and vitamins in our bodies to function as we should, but skipping meals means you are not giving your body the best possible chance.

You could be missing out on vital nutrition that you would have gained from balanced meals that you would have throughout the day. In the long term, this could cause issues with your immune and digestive systems. 


Increases the risk of diabetes

Going without breakfast or lunch can often mean that your glucose levels need to rise. Doing this regularly means you are increasing your risk of getting diabetes in the future. This could cause you more harm than good. Diabetes is not a pleasant thing to experience and is a life-long issue that would need to be managed. 

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It can mess up your mealtime routine 

Finally, it can mess up your routine when it comes to mealtimes. Instead of getting hungry at obvious times of the day where you would normally eat, it might mean that you end up hungry in the middle of the night or afternoon when it is less convenient to eat a meal. This can also have further lasting damage when it comes to a rise in your glucose levels

It isn’t a good idea to skip meals, so let’s hope that sharing some of the reasons why will encourage you to have a balanced and healthy approach to your meals.

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