Causes of constipation can range from diet and lifestyle (especially if you have just started a new diet), emotional problems, and serious health issues. Constipation is a common problem that usually does not mean there is anything serious going on. However, if there is chronic constipation over a long period of time, it is important to seek the help of healthcare professionals. With prolonged irregular bowel movements, it could mean that something more serious could be the cause.

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If it is necessary to seek professional help for constipation, first try several home remedies to make sure the problem is not because of lifestyle. Because constipation is usually the cause of lifestyle, many healthcare professionals will not take the issue as seriously, especially if it the only physical symptom. Their first request will be to ask you to change elements of your diet. Why not try these tips first.

Common Causes of Constipation

Many causes of constipation are due to a poor diet and bad lifestyle choices. Changing your diet and increasing the amount of fibre, fruits, and vegetables, and drinking enough water will relieve constipation for many people.

Taking the time to do an aerobic workout will also help with constipation. One of the best aerobic workouts for constipation is jogging. Few people who run three miles a day have constipation issues.

Another cause may be a food allergy or intolerance. Many times it is because of wheat, dairy, or sugar. Avoiding the suspect food item for two to four weeks will help you know if that could be the cause. It is also possible to have blood samples tested to find out what the allergy may be.

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Emotional Problems can Cause constipation

Stress can be a source of many health issues, including constipation. When a person feels stressed or extremely busy, they may ignore the initial urge for a bowel movement. Ignoring the urge can begin to cause constipation problems in the near future.

Keeping emotional problems inside can also cause constipation. It is important to share feelings with others and let opinions and thoughts be heard. Although it may not sound possible, it’s true that spending a lifetime ignoring important emotions can begin to cause constipation.


Serious Health Issues of Constipation

There are many health issues that cause constipation that can be serious and life-threatening. If that is the problem, take note of any other symptoms. Although they may seem unrelated at the time, it is important to share these with the doctor.

Some of these serious health issues could be hypothyroidism, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes, and colon cancer.

It is also possible for a blockage to be the cause due to a tumor or abrasions from previous surgeries in the stomach region.

If constipation continues and help is not being given by the healthcare professional because they feel the case is minor, ask for a colonoscopy. Even if there is no history of colon cancer, a colonoscopy will be the best way to rule out a serious issue.

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  1. Thanks Jen, I think it is something to take seriously. Constipation is one of the three major risk actors for the development of Parkinson’s, along with poor quality sleep (lack of deep sleep) and falls. This deserves to be better known, especially since the incidence of Parkinson’s is increasing.