Do you worry if you can lose weight with Type 2 diabetes? Here I have a guest post for you from another blogger. Lucie has lost weight since being told she was at risk from Type 2 diabetes and shares her story about the changes she is making and how she discovered she had these health concerns.

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Falling pregnant

September 2016, I was feeling dreadful but didn’t know why! I got a doctor’s appointment and was asked to bring a urine sample with me, assuming it was to check for an infection.

The doctor, with his back to me, testing my wee,  asked me what contraceptive pill I was on and then if I had missed any.

I very firmly told him that I take my pill like clockwork and have never missed one. Then came the bombshell!! “Well, you are very much pregnant!”

With a 13 and 10-year-old already, I thought my baby-making days were long gone!! Shocked is an understatement!

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Finding I had diabetes

After getting over the shock we were all very excited!! With my body being that much older though, the pregnancy was tough. I had pretty much everything thrown at me.

A week before the baby was born I was diagnosed with Polyhydramnios (Extra fluid around the baby) and Gestational Diabetes!

I didn’t have any of this with my older 2 children. It was decided that I would control diabetes by watching what I eat as it was a little late for medication.

The baby arrived 10 days before the due date via the planned section. I had a different date booked but had started to dilate so they did it sooner. 

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After the birth

Six weeks after the birth I had my usual check alongside Fraser’s checks. Mine also involved a blood test to check that the Gestational Diabetes had disappeared. The results came back as pre-diabetes!

I was a little shocked as I thought it would just go after I had given birth. My doctor wanted the blood tests repeated in 3 months. So back I went 3 months later…. only for the blood tests to come back again as pre-diabetes!!

Now I was getting worried! I was told I’d be referred for a programme through the GP to help with lifestyle changes etc… 14 months down the line I’m still waiting!

I decided I had to make changes myself and have been on a  mission ever since! I have lost 3 and a half Stone so far since the baby was born.

Not quite done yet. I have about 10 lbs to go until I reach my initial target. This is from doing Slimming World from home!

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Keeping a check on diabetes

Recently through my blog, I was approached by Lloyds Pharmacy to see if I wanted to help them out with their diabetes campaign.

I didn’t realise they ran a Free Diabetes Screening Service!? Did you know? You can make an appointment or just walk into your pharmacy and ask for one! I went to one and it was so helpful!

I was asked a series of lifestyle questions to start with, weight, height, and waist measurements are taken and blood pressure was taken twice.

They score your answers and if you score over a certain amount you will be offered a finger prick test to get a blood sugar reading.

Mine did warrant a finger prick test and unfortunately, my reading was in the at-risk range still. Even after all my weight loss. I was asked to contact my GP and given a ton of really helpful information to take away with me.

I was really impressed with the service and would recommend it to anyone who thinks they may be at risk of Type 2 Diabetes. Apparently, there are 1.1 million people in the U.K. with undiagnosed Diabetes!!! That’s scary.

So I will carry on with My healthy lifestyle and eating and will go have my blood tests re-done at the doctor’s and hope that I can one day soon get results back telling me that I am all clear of Type 2 Diabetes!

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