One thing that holds many people back from joining the gym is worrying about what they will look like in fitness gear. I have been there too, when we walk into a gym our views are blinkered, we see everyone as slim and fit and think that we stand out.

The reality is that most people at the gym are so bothered about how they look they don’t consider anyone else’s appearance!

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After looking at a recent study I was fascinated to see some of the results and thought I would share them with you. Maybe you will find it more reassuring? Alternatively, you might chuckle and realise it is as you had imagined.

Is looking good in the gym important?

Does body confidence stop you from going to the gym? If it does don’t worry you are in good company 44% of the people asked agreed.

If you do go to the gym do you take a selfie? Share it on social media that you are there. I know when I have been to the gym I have done this, partly proud I am doing it and partly to ensure I stick to my fitness plan! 84% of those surveyed admitted to taking selfies at the gym. What do the other people do? Maybe they don’t have phones? I thought everyone took a selfie at the gym!

What do you wear to the gym? It seems 34% of gym-goers admit to always buying new gear. I wonder though if this is vanity and wanting to look cool or if their body shape has changed through exercising and that has meant they needed new clothes?

Why all the mirrors in gyms?

Personally, I am not a fan of all the mirrors, are you? According to the same research, 54% of respondents work out in front of a mirror. I wonder if this is through choice or because there are so many mirrors everywhere!

When I am working out very rarely I am not too interested in how I look and merely worry about how many calories I am burning. I also look at the time a lot to see how much longer I have to go, now clocks everywhere would be an idea!

Apparently, 60% of over 35’s want to look their best while working out. I guess this makes sense as I don’t want to look terrible but looking your best? Definitely not on my high-priority list at the gym!

In Northern Ireland, 85% of people said it is important to look good while working out! Now the psychology in me (I did it at university) says maybe they didn’t survey many people there so it is skewed a little.

Alternatively, maybe the people over there are very vain. 71% in the Midlands said the same – I certainly wasn’t asked!

Gym Style and Instagram

I had genuinely not thought of this before reading these survey results but it turns out gym-style influencers on Instagram are really popular.

One of the most popular GraceFitUK has 1 million followers. I had a look at her feed to see what I am missing and it turns out it is lots of posing photos and lots of cleavages.

Maybe I am not missing anything after all? DavidLaid a 21-year-old male athlete is also popular on Instagram. If you like an extremely worked-out body then check his feed out. I’m not sure many people follow it for the gym gear but hey maybe I am wrong.

Sharing Your Workouts

As I said before I believe that sharing your workouts can help with motivation and the survey found 34% of people also share workouts. Is this something you do? Or does it drive you mad when you see people checking in at the gym on Facebook?

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  1. it and partly to ensure I stick to my fitness plan! 84% of those surveyed admitted to taking selfies at the gym

  2. Why all the mirrors I gyms ? As a yoga teacher I encourage my students to look in the mirrors and say to themselves “I love you “. Why not try it after your next class or workout ? An amazing addition to you fitness routine . Please get in touch if you would like a guest post on this