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Are you one of those people who have this January decided that you will lose weight? As someone who has successfully lost weight before and now is losing weight again, I have some great tips that are guaranteed to make sure you succeed at your diet this year.

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Choose your target wisely

When you are choosing what weight you are aiming to be think carefully. If you set your sights too high then you are more likely to fail. Instead, the best plan is to have the ultimate weight you are aiming for but smaller targets.

Instead of saying this time next year, I want to be 5 stone lighter instead say I want to lose 7 pounds a month. That is so much more realistic, isn’t it?

Considering how you will look at your new size is important too. A read of my article about BMI not always being right could help you out here.

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Keep your lifestyle

What do you eat now? Or what did you eat before you chose to start dieting?

This question is really key in choosing the perfect weight loss plan for you. There are so many to consider. Generally, most weight loss plans work, they just are more suitable for different lifestyles.

If you prefer light meals or even shakes instead of meals one diet may be perfect but not if you need filling meals. Starting a diet that does not fit your lifestyle is a sure way to give up by the end of January!

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Research potential diets before deciding on one

Beverley up the road may follow Weight Watchers and say it is perfect for her but Janey may swear by Lighter Life. This doesn’t mean either suit you!

By looking into each plan and what it entails you are more likely to succeed as you find one that fits perfectly with your aims. This is a guaranteed way to help you succeed at your diet.

I have followed Slimming World successfully and lost over 10 stone on it. Feel free to read my Slimming World beginners guide. The plan changes a little every now and then but not by much, the general principle is the same.

Other diets I have considered or tried out are all pretty sensible ones too and may suit you. Not like these crazy diets.

Noom is a plan which is very popular in the US and less so here. It is an online plan where you are linked with a coach and other members online to keep track of your eating and exercise.

The Do the unthinkable plan from Musclefood is perfect for those looking to receive all their meals prepared for them. I personally feel it would be best for someone living alone or cooking for just themselves but have a read of how well I lost on the plan and make your own mind up.

If you are considering the OurPath plan (now called Second Nature) then I have tried that out for you too.

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Don’t deprive yourself

Whatever plan you wish to follow try to avoid depriving yourself completely. If you want chocolate then allow yourself to have a little.

Ideally, a small amount will fill that craving but not so much it could make you gain weight. A finger-size piece is ideal.

By depriving yourself of food you soon resent your diet and are more likely to cheat. Everyone deserves a treat once in a while so don’t punish yourself for it. Also, learn to treat yourself in ways other than food which I discuss in more detail below.


Think about why you overeat

Whilst it is great to lose weight you will never keep it off if you do not address the reason you actually overeat in the first place. Are you eating because you are bored or hungry? On the other hand, maybe you can not control your appetite. In this case, you can consider Wegovy weight loss medication, after consulting a doctor. This treatment helps to reduce your appetite and not feel hungry for a longer period of time.

A great book to start with which helps you to look at yourself and the ways you eat. Check out my review of it. It is available on Amazon on Kindle so you can start reading it right away!

If you, like me, suffer from depression or anxiety then ensuring you tackle those can help. |I have found both antidepressants and CBT helpful in the past.

Remember if you do suffer from your mental health it is nothing to be ashamed of. If you have epilepsy you take medication for it so why not for depression?

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Address your habits

I have some articles full of ideas for you if you comfort eat to give you ideas of other things to do instead. Check these out to give you the best chance at succeeding at your diet this year.

Boredom eating is another thing to consider. Whilst you are making New Year resolutions to lose weight why not also take up a new hobby, read a book, or find a new TV show to binge-watch?

If you address these issues when you start dieting then when you start to have a bit of a weight loss plateau you are less likely to slip into old habits. Doing this will help you succeed in your diet.

If you regularly eat out then making sure you can incorporate this into your diet helps.

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Find yourself treats that are not food

Do you usually reward yourself with food? Start as you mean to go on by getting into new habits for rewarding yourself for achievements. This way when you are proud of a weight loss you already have a new reward in place.

Good rewards for weight loss are clothes, shoes or something like makeup or perfume that makes you feel good.

I got a Pandora bracelet for Christmas so I think I will treat myself to charms or spacer charms when I am pleased with my progress. If I really enjoy rewarding myself I may need an extra bracelet or necklace to add charms to too.

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Consider drinks as well as food

It is easy to think that on a diet you just need to change the way you eat. Your drinks can make a massive impact too.

If you drink tea or coffee can you try and enjoy it black or with skimmed milk? Water or squash is a great alternative to fruit juice or fizzy drinks.

Another good swap is if you like an alcoholic drink instead of cutting them out completely swap to lower-calorie choices. For example, a pint of cider is around 210 calories whereas a shot of vodka is around 64 calories with diet coke being an extra one or two calories.

You are unlikely to succeed at your diet if you do not include changing your drinks.

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Portion sizes and accountability

Keeping track of the size of your portions can make a big difference. Taking pictures of the amount you are eating and what you are eating makes you accountable for what passes through your lips.

If you wouldn’t want a friend to see that whilst you are both on Slimming World trying to lose weight you are eating such a giant bowl of tea then maybe you shouldn’t be.

Having an accountability buddy can make all the difference and help you both succeed at your diet.

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Don’t do it alone

As I said above having an accountability buddy can really help. Whether you have a friend, family member or just a group on Facebook of other dieters it can make a huge difference.

You are much more likely to be successful with your diet if you are not alone and have someone to talk to when you struggle. Check out my little tips from big losers post to see how some weight loss stars have done it and what tips they offer.

What do you find helps you to stick to a diet or weight loss plan? Do you think these tips will help you succeed in your diet? Which dieter are you? Are you a planner or an eat-and-hope dieter?

I probably lied at the beginning of this post, I can never guarantee you will lose weight of course. I can guarantee that these tips will help you to be closer though! Come on you can do it I believe in you.

Love Jen xx

To read all my posts with tips and experiences of various diets, exercises and lots more check out my comprehensive Weight Loss section.

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