Stop, don’t eat those unhealthy foods, read this first!

New Year is a time when so many people up and down the country and even across the world are starting weight loss plans and diets with the view of losing weight for good.

One of the reasons many people go on to not succeed initially is the temptation of all the unhealthy food still in the house from the Christmas and New Year celebrations!

bar of chocolate in silver coloured wrapper

Here I will share with you 9 suggestions of what you could do with the foods so that you can start eating healthily with the temptations under control.

Throw them away

Whilst this may seem a waste of money just think of the extra money you will waste if you continue to eat these unhealthy foods but also pay for a weight loss club! If you don’t want to throw them away however then maybe one of the other suggestions below is for you.

Give them to a neighbour

Do you have a neighbour that could use them? This is a quick easy way to get rid of the items and have them out of your house pretty instantly. If you have a nice box of chocolates you could maybe give it to someone who has just had a baby?

Throw a party

Cook and serve all of the food, asking guests to take the leftovers with them or throw them away. If you need a party game then OMFG is brilliant too!

Donate them to a food bank

Whilst you think that surely no one would want your box of Christmas-themed Crisps still, a family with very little would appreciate these and a food bank will ensure they go to someone in need.

Donate them to a local community group

There are so many local community groups who may be able to use them, worth a phone call or email to enquire.

Portion them up

Portion and calculate the syn value or points value of whatever plan you follow and then treat yourself to them in the coming weeks etc.

Freeze them

If you freeze them in portions that you can defrost when you are allowing yourself to have them.

Give them to family or friends

Whilst this is just as good as giving them to a neighbour in some respects it depends on how quickly you can have them gone from your house. The sooner the better or you will continue to snack!

Eat them

You could always eat them and put off starting your diet or weight loss plan for a week or two – whilst this is seen as an easy option it is worth remembering that in that week or two you could be gaining even more weight! The choice is of course yours!

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