This article about Noom (paid link) was not written by me but I do believe you will find it helpful when choosing weight loss plans.

The journey to losing weight involves a lot of activities which at times require expert help and guidelines. One of the ways to reach your health goals is to get a diet coaching app. From the title of this post, you’re probably wondering what Noom (paid link) is.

If you are one of those who believe that getting their diet coaching app in order will help them lose weight, then Noom (paid link) is the way to go.

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What is Noom?

Ever wondered what it’ll be like when you mix the latest technology with a diet plan? Well, I’m glad to present to you Noom.

Noom is a diet and weight loss app that helps you lose weight by focusing on helping you make small but effective weekly changes to your lifestyle. The app provides you with a food plan that you can follow for life without necessarily having to keep referring back to it.

Through the app, you are able to track your weekly progress as well as talk to your coach and other members of your group, where you’ll get to know more about the eating plans, exercises to follow and also foods to avoid.

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What makes Noom different to other diets?

What sets Noom apart from other diets is its emphasis on behaviour change and psychology. Instead of simply restricting calories or eliminating certain food groups, Noom coaches users to develop healthier habits and make sustainable lifestyle changes.

Noom also uses a personalized approach, taking into account each individual’s goals, dietary preferences, and past weight loss experiences.

With Noom, you’ll have access to a supportive community and tools like a food tracker, recipe database, and virtual coaching.

So, if you’re ready for a program that focuses on more than just what you eat, give Noom a chance.

How the Noom app works

The app can be found on both the Apple store and the Google Play store and with just a few clicks you can have it with you wherever you go.

Here are the steps you will follow once you download the app.

Create your profile

A number of questions will be asked while you create your profile, so as to help them customise the app to fit what you want to achieve thus obtaining your goal faster.

Check your daily calorie level

With regard to the given information, including your weight goal, the app will calculate the number of calories you need to eat per day and how many weeks it’ll take to achieve your desired weight goal.

Find and engage with your coach

Upon completion of creating your profile, a coach will be assigned to you. The coach will be there to guide you through the entire program and help track your weekly progress.

Please note: 1-1 Coaching is no longer available to all users. Users can purchase a 1-1 personalized coaching plan if they are interested in this feature.


The app gives you a daily checklist that’ll help remind you of the things you are to do and follow. This helps you stay on track and draws you closer to achieving your goal.

Food lists

The app provides Noom users with the ultimate food list that has been categorised into 3 colour codes: green, yellow and orange foods.

Using the same rules as traffic lights, where green means go, green foods in this case are the type of foods you can eat freely while yellow foods are the type to be eaten in moderation. Orange foods on the other hand are to be eaten very sparingly as they contain a higher calorie content.

This will help to change your relationship with food and get you started on some more healthy habits.

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Noom costs

Since nothing comes for free, Noom will give you a suggested monthly plan at a fee of $59. You can also get an annual plan for a fee of $199 where you pay upfront for both plans.

If by chance you don’t happen to lose 20 pounds in the first 2 months, $99 will be charged again before you can continue.

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Noom Pros and Cons

For every diet plan, there will always be pros and cons to it. The key to choosing the perfect plan is when the pros outweigh the cons and with that being said how about we look at both sides the diet plan has to offer?


The app is extremely easy to use, so you can manoeuvre through it with ease.

The Noom food database is probably the largest in the world. This way you have a lot of options to choose from.

It has a food plan that’s specially designed for you.

It also has a 2-week free trial. This way you can gauge if the app is for you or not.

You’ll be able to find out exactly how long it’ll take you to attain your weight loss goal.

The app and all its contents are based on research as well as the latest technologies.

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The app is only available online. This might be hard for those who prefer having one on one conversations with their coach.

You have to make your own meals.

It is very costly. You will spend about $50 a month and this is a bit pricey compared to other diet plans.

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When it comes to choosing the perfect diet plan, sometimes the most essential things to consider are usually omitted. This can tend to be very costly in the long run. Most people want a plan that is immediate so they may end up choosing something that it totally wrong for them. It is my advice to take your time when it comes to deciding. Good luck finding what’s best for you.

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  1. This review of Noom, as changed my life! So much so you motivated me to purchase some Noom products, but I am also grateful that I found it helped me not only lose weight but keep it off!

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