If you have chicken in the fridge and you are stuck for ideas for unofficial Slimming World chicken recipes then look no further!

Most of the following are chicken breast recipes because I find that is what most people are looking for but if you need chicken thigh recipes or chicken drumstick recipes then they can easily be adapted to be any cut of chicken recipes if needed.

Two grilled chicken breasts.

Chicken for Slimming World and weight loss

If you follow Slimming World, Weight Watchers (WW), Noom or any other weight loss plan you can usually count chicken in a sensible portion within your allowances. It is of course important to check any plan you follow.

If you are looking for Slimming World chicken recipes these might be just what you are looking for as they are all great on the plan and have clear ingredients to help you count any syns you need.

Chicken is so versatile

It really is such a versatile ingredient it can be roasted, fried, stir-fried, steamed, boiled or slow-cooked just to mention a few. Easily flavoured it can be used day after day without feeling like you are being too repetitive.

Do you put the chicken on the BBQ and use a variety of coatings or rubs to flavour it?

Roast chicken

Did you know you can even cook a whole chicken in the slow cooker? If you are looking for a Weight Watchers or Slimming World roast chicken recipe this could be perfect.

Simply pop a sliced whole onion and a couple of carrots in the slow cooker with 100ml of boiling water.

Add the whole bird on top and some seasoning if preferred directly onto the skin. Cook on low for 5 hours. Use a silicone holder to make removing it easier.

If you find after this it is a little watery you can remove the excess water and cook for another 30 minutes. Remember to check it is thoroughly cooked with your thermometer.

Whole roast chicken on white background
Whole roast chicken

Storing chicken

We all know this is meat which can easily cause food poisoning if not kept or cooked properly. Here are some tips to help ensure you keep safe.

  • Never wash it before you cook it. It is not necessary and is more likely to spread any bacteria from the raw chicken around your kitchen!
  • Use different utensils and chopping boards when it is raw and do not use them for anything else.
  • Always wash your hands before and after handling raw chicken.
  • Always thaw frozen chicken in the fridge, not at room temperature. For more tips to help defrost chicken read my defrosting chicken article.
  • Check it is thoroughly cooked before you eat it. The best way to check is with a food thermometer.
raw chicken breasts on a white plate
Raw chicken breasts

Healthy Chicken salad

It is so easy to add some slices to a salad but you can always marinate it first or flavour it in some way to make it more interesting.

This Unofficial Slimming World sticky chicken salad recipe is a great place to start but do whatever you enjoy. There is no reason with a salad you have to follow a recipe at all.

Sticky chicken salad
Sticky chicken salad

Alternatively, what about a chicken rice salad?

Pasta bakes and chicken pasta dishes

Here are some of the most popular of my chicken pasta bake recipes.

Chicken and pasta recipes are quite “beige” in colour though so I would always recommend adding some vegetables on the side if you want to brighten up your plate.

For example, instead of the ham in this ham and cheese pasta bake, just cook it first to enjoy a cheesy chicken pasta bake.

Cheese and ham pasta bake
Cheese and ham pasta bake

A favourite in our house is this Chicken and bacon carbonara. If you prefer you can make this on the hob and then bake in the oven with cheese on the top for a carbonara pasta bake.

Slimming World carbonara is a commonly searched dish so this could help you to make a Slimming World friendly carbonara.

chicken and bacon carbonara
Chicken and bacon carbonara

Making a spicy pasta bake is really easy, you could swap the sausage in this spicy sausage pasta bake for chicken easily.

Have you seen there are easily available chicken sausages too? They would be an easy way to give this a chicken pasta bake flavour without too much trouble.

sausage pasta bake
Sausage pasta bake

I made a recipe for chicken fajita pasta bake which is one of the most popular chicken pasta recipes in our house.

Slimming World chicken fajitas are never syn-free as they have tortilla wraps but this is a great tasty alternative.

I have also adapted this recipe using cajun spices rather than fajita and made an unofficial Slimming World cajun chicken pasta!

chicken fajita pasta bake
Chicken fajita pasta bake

Fakeaway Kebabs and Chicken on the BBQ

Chicken is a great meat for a BBQ. Just be careful to cook it thoroughly and ensure it is cooked with your thermometer.

BBQs give food a different flavour, don’t they? Whether you cook a whole breast, a wing or a drumstick on the BBQ just keep checking the temperature of the middle and ensure you don’t give everyone food poisoning.

Chicken kebabs
Lemon garlic chicken kebabs

A safer option for either a BBQ or just under the grill is to skewer chunks of chicken breast with peppers, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes etc and cook that way.

If you want to marinate first you can but it is entirely your choice. check out my marinades to help.

Chicken casserole recipes

Chicken is great casserole meat you can add chunks of a breast to a whole variety of casseroles or even make your own in the slow cooker.

Moroccan chicken casserole
Moroccan chicken casserole

This Unofficial Slimming World Moroccan casserole is easy to make and a great way to use any cuts you need to use up.

Maybe you could use it instead of sausages in this sausage casserole recipe for a tasty alternative. Or how about this traybake instead of sausages?

Sausage casserole
Sausage casserole

There are great unofficial Slimming World chicken traybake recipes making it easy to pop in the oven for a family meal.

Chicken tray bake
Chicken tray bake

Chicken curry recipes

Chicken is a popular meat for curries, it easily takes on the flavours and is easy to cook. Whether you like spicy curry or something mild there are some great recipes for you.

Are you here looking for a Slimming World chicken curry recipe or one for another weight loss plan? Whatever your diet these healthy chicken curry recipes should be perfect.

I personally think making your own is better than ordering from the takeaway or even a microwave meal like the Slimming World chicken curry because you can adapt it to add whatever you like, and of course, making your own is cheaper!

This mild chicken curry recipe is great for children who want to eat with the whole family and really easy to make.

Mild chicken curry
mild chicken curry

Another mild and popular one is this unofficial Slimming World Chicken and Mushroom curry.

chicken and mushroom curry
Chicken and mushroom curry

For a spicier curry, you might like to try tikka masala or even a jalfrezi.

Chicken tikka masala
Chicken tikka masala

For a Japanese take on curry how about this Chicken Katsu curry?

chicken katsu curry
Chicken Katsu curry

Have you ever had Malaysian curry? Malaysian red pepper and chicken curry is Stuart’s all-time favourite meal.

When you make it often you don’t need the recipe and manage to cut corners, for example, I don’t wipe out the pan and put the chicken aside. I simply time it well to do it all in one pan and it works just as well!

Malaysian red pepper and chicken curry
Malaysian red pepper and chicken curry

Thai curry is another curry that uses chicken. What is your favourite curry? Have you tried swapping meats to make it a little different?

white plate of white rice and thai green curry with chopsticks

Could you adapt this lamb rogan josh recipe for example?

lamb rogan josh
Lamb Rogan Josh

If you like spicy curry then how about this Sri Lankan chicken curry?

Sri Lankan chicken curry
Sri Lankan chicken curry

What about a Chicken Biryani? It uses a lot of ingredients but is so worth it for an authentic chicken biryani made to be perfect for Slimming World biryani.

plate of chicken biryani with a spoon

Healthy Chinese Chicken

How about making a Singapore chow mein with a number of different meats? It can easily be adapted to be a chicken chow mein for Slimming World chow mein fans that only like chicken and not other meats.

Singapore chow mein
Singapore chow mein

Another option might be this chicken fried cauliflower rice.

Chicken cauliflower rice
Chicken cauliflower rice

Caribbean or Jamaican Chicken recipes

If none of the above ideas has taken your fancy how about Jerk chicken?

A favourite from the Caribbean and full of flavour it is perfect to make if some of the family would prefer a plain breast and others want spicy! It goes well with Caribbean rice and kids will definitely love that!

Jerk chicken
Jerk chicken

Fakeaway KFC chicken

This popular fakeaway KFC recipe tastes just like KFC and is so much healthier. This would be a great alternative to KFC for Slimming World KFC lovers!

Fakeaway KFC served on a plate
KFC chicken

BBQ flavours?

Are you still struggling with ideas? How about Hunter’s chicken? Simply stuff a breast with cheese (BabyBels work well), BBQ sauce and wrap it with bacon and cook in the oven for around 20 minutes until cooked throughout!

A similar flavour is a BBQ-pulled chicken, just substitute for the jackfruit in this recipe and pull when cooked! Ben and Stuart love this barbecue chicken recipe too.

BBQ chicken with chunks of chicken in a bbq sauce.
BBQ chicken

Spanish and Portuguese Chicken recipes

Have you tried Spanish chicken yet? It is definitely worth a try for all the family.

Spanish chicken with chunks of chicken in a tomato and pepper sauce.
Spanish chicken

Have you tried Piri Piri chicken? Did you know that it originates from Portuguese-Africans and is popular both on BBQs cooked in the oven or griddled? Piri Piri chicken recipe is syn-free and perfect for a Piri Piri fan.

Peri peri chicken

Other healthy chicken recipes

Chicken is so versatile there are so many recipes you can use it in, here are a few more you may not have considered!

Mixed meat paella – a popular easy mixed meat dish that includes chicken.

mixed meat paella
Mixed Meat Paella

Chicken with rubs on the BBQ can be a great way to add different flavours to chicken and cook in a skillet, on the grill or on a BBQ.

Using chicken rubs can be a great way of making Slimming World friendly chicken recipes as they add flavour with very few calories or syns.

Two grilled chicken breasts.
Grilled chicken

This turkey burger recipe would be easily adapted to make chicken burgers if you prefer.

Turkey burgers on a griddle being cooked.
Turkey burgers

Have you tried chicken sausages? My sausage guide is full of low-syn sausages including chicken sausages you may enjoy.

Sweet and sour chicken is a popular fakeaway Chinese dish, you could easily fry chicken as part of my sweet and sour recipe.

Sweet and sour vegetables on a white plate with rice
Sweet and sour vegetables with rice
Beef and rice bowl
Beef and rice bowl

For a really different chicken recipe why not try this Moo Shu Chicken from a fellow blogger?

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