Got an incurable love for grilling chicken outdoors? With summer right around the corner, it is time to get it out and experiment with some flavourful and delicious rubs for chicken skewers you’re planning to make for the BBQ, and to help you out with just that, here we’ve got you not just one or two but 5 super delicious rubs to try out! Go try them out!

chicken using the rubs for chicken on the bbq

Spicy Mexican Dry Rub

Looking to lend your chicken skewers a nice fiery kick? Try out this Mexican inspired rub you just can’t go wrong with.

Start by whisking together some hot chilli powder, onion granules, ground cumin and sugar in a mixing bowl. Add in a generous amount of garlic granules, salt, paprika, cayenne pepper (for a little extra heat) and that’s it! 

Once you’re done making the skewers with this rub, don’t forget to squeeze some lemon juice on the top too! 

Smoky Barbeque Rub

Love the smokey taste of barbeque sauce? Why not team it up with your favourite chicken skewers and make it one winner of a dish for all your barbeque parties? Making it is pretty easy too!

You’ll need to mix together cayenne powder with some powdered dark brown sugar, salt, pepper, cumin, garlic granules, onion granules, dried thyme and a little paprika. To lend it a little additional flavour, you can also add a little celery salt.

This is one of the most popular rubs for chicken that all the family will love.

Moroccan Style Rub

This Moroccan inspired rub is another great one to try- it has the perfect balance of heat and subtleness that you’ll love!

To make this, you’ll need to mix together one teaspoon each of paprika, allspice, ground cinnamon and freshly ground black pepper with two tablespoons each of ground coriander and cumin. Then, you’ll also need to add in a half a teaspoon each of ground cloves, cayenne pepper, aniseed and mix it all together with one and a half teaspoons of mixed herbs

Five Spice Indian Inspired Rub

Does Indian food tingle your taste buds? This simple five-spice rub will leave you wondering why you didn’t try making it earlier. It is literally that easy! Plus, you can use this rub for literally any other meat or protein you’re grilling too! 

Start by pulsing together a tablespoon each of Szechuan peppercorns and fennel seeds with 5 whole star anise and 2 teaspoons of whole cloves in a food processor until it turns into a fine powder. Combine it with 2 teaspoons of ground cinnamon and give it a good mix. That’s it! 

Spiced Curry Rub

And here’s a flavour base you just can’t go wrong with! Whether you’re a curry lover or not, this rub is a must-try!

All you need to do is combine a teaspoon of curry powder and a teaspoon of chilli powder with half a teaspoon each of ground cinnamon, ground cumin, some salt and pepper and a quarter teaspoon of allspice in a bowl. You can use pretty much any curry powder or mix you have in your pantry!

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Using frozen chicken

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Making your own chicken rubs is a great way to save money and is just as easy as buying them.

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