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Do you struggle for ideas of meals to cook that are healthy and suitable for all the family? It can be frustrating when everyone likes different things, can’t it? A family stir fry can be perfect for everyone and here I will share why and how to make it how every family member will love it!

bottles of geetas sauces

How to get your children to eat stir fry

If you are reading this and thinking that stir fry is definitely not something your children would eat then here are some tips I am positive will help.

The first thing to do is give it a different name, stir fry doesn’t sound too inviting, does it? What about calling it rainbow jumble? Whatever you choose think of a way your children will be encouraged initially by the name. Do they like superheroes? Perhaps add terms like power, energy, fuel etc to add this element to the name?

raw chicken pieces

Secondly, you need to involve them in making the meal. Whilst it may involve extra washing up, one thing I would highly recommend is separate pans for each child to get them involved in designing their own meal.

What is your child’s favourite meat or vegetarian alternative? The key to making a stir fry they will like is ensuring they like every ingredient. In the future you can change and try different things as the main ingredient, for the first time stick with one they love.

selection of colourful vegetables

Have all your vegetables ready cut and include a variety of colours. The big key here is to encourage your child to add whatever they would like with as many colours as possible. Try not to reprimand them if they don’t put too much in, simply add a couple more of the same vegetables when they are not looking.

If they only have a few vegetables this time don’t worry, just work towards adding more each time you make it! Ben used to call his a rainbow stir fry as he aimed to get some of each colour vegetable in his meal! A great way to get the veggies in!

A plate of stir fry on a table, with Rice

Adding sauces to everyone’s tastes

If you all like different flavours then you can either add the sauces to individual pans or simply add them once the meal is cooked. This is my preference as with Ben’s allergies it means I don’t need to make so many different meals!

Adding sauces after cooking also means you can slowly add flavour and don’t end up with a meal that is just too spicy to eat! Trust me, I have done this so many times as I can be quite a wimp when it comes to chilli type spices!

The Geeta’s sauces are great for adding to a stir fry when it is cooked and the perfect strength to drizzle on and enjoy. My favourite is the Sweet and Spicy mango sauce!

A bowl of stir fry and rice

How to make the perfect stir fry in 15 minutes

Stir fry has to be one of the quickest meals to make and I can make it in 15 minutes! A few simple tricks make it quick and easy, they may cost a little more but with these tips, you can easily have a healthy meal quicker than it takes to get a takeaway!

Use prepared chicken pieces, Quorn or whatever protein source you are planning to include and pop these straight into the frying pan or wok.

A bowl of  Noodles

Meanwhile, boil the kettle and pour boiling water over your dry noodles and set them aside to soak, they don’t need to be put on the heat, boiling water works just fine. Alternatively, for ease, I often use frozen rice that takes 3 minutes per portion in the microwave! This is great if you are only cooking for two but for family meals, the noodles are easier in my opinion!

Using prepared stir fry packs if time is limited add the vegetables when the chicken, Quorn etc is almost cooked. I would always advise against frozen vegetables in a stir fry as they are just a bit too soggy when they cook due to being frozen. Of course, the choice is yours though.

jars of geetas sauces

Why you should try Geeta’s sauces

In my opinion, you should definitely give Geetas sauces a try, they are full of flavour, easy to use and a perfect way for the whole family to have the flavours they like on their stir fry!

These Geeta’s sauces are also perfect for marinades (like I made here), as a dip, mixed in a stir fry, or drizzled on top of any meal!

I have added an image above of the ingredients of the sauces because I am often asked if ingredients are suitable for different allergies and intolerances so have a read if this is needed.

If you want to try Geeta’s sauces then keep an eye out for them in the supermarket!

Making this recipe with Quorn

It is really easy to adapt this recipe to use Quorn, as a vegetarian myself I do it often. It is always worth remembering that Quorn takes less time to cook when substituting it for chicken.

Check out my selection of Quorn recipes, all perfect for all the family whether vegetarian or not, some are vegan too.

Quorn pieces and quorn mince on a white plate

What do you enjoy on your family stir fry? Have you made stir fry with your kids yet?

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