This is a recipe for Jerk chicken and Caribbean rice that we all love as a family. Whilst it may at times be a bit fiddly it is a dish that we enjoy all year round and perfect for a summer evening. It also works quite well with Quorn if like me you are vegetarian!

Jerk chicken
Jerk chicken

Tips to ensure this is great for weight loss

If you follow Slimming World, Weight Watchers (WW), Noom or any other weight loss plan you can usually count the ingredients within this recipe in your allowances. It is of course important to check yourself any plan you follow and remember all nutritional information and ingredients are found in the recipe card below.

Use fresh fruit not from a can as this is always healthier and much tastier.

Ensure that the red peppers from a jar are in brine and not in oil. If they are in oil this will have calories, syns or points that you just don’t need.

If you are following Slimming World then to ensure this recipe stays syn free you must follow these tips. Allow rice to cool thoroughly before mixing with any other ingredients. If you add fruit to the warm rice it will start to cook the fruit. Cooked fruit is syns on Slimming World and also not as nice!

Spaghetti primavera
Spaghetti primavera

Storing the Jerk Chicken

If you wish to store and reheat the Jerk Chicken then this is really easy. Allow to cool thoroughly and then wrap and put on the top shelf of the fridge. Use within 2 days.

For great tips on storing foods and ensuring you stay safe check out the NHS website.

Jerk chicken
Jerk chicken

Storing the Caribbean rice

This Caribbean rice recipe is perfect to save for lunch the following day. The best way to store it is to put it into an airtight container and keep it in the fridge and use it within 2 days.

Cooked rice in a saucepan on a cooling rack
Cooked rice

Making the Jerk Chicken with Quorn

If, like me, you are a vegetarian you may be wondering if this can be easily made with Quorn. I have made this many times for myself. Instead of chicken breasts use Quorn fillets.

Quorn fillets are not as easy to cut into for the seasoning to soak into but don’t worry about that. Quorn is very absorbent and will still flavour well without the slits.

Quorn mince and chicken pieces
Quorn mince and Quorn chicken pieces

Jerk Seasoning for the jerk chicken and Caribbean rice

If you do not have any Jerk seasoning then do not worry about buying any. It is easy to make and one of the spice blends I share tips of how to make here.

Using frozen chicken

Chicken for this or any other chicken recipes should never be cooked from frozen, there are so many issues with this that risk food poisoning. If you have just realised you only have frozen chicken there I have lots of tips to safely defrost chicken check them out in my defrosting chicken guide.

frozen chicken in a yellow tray
Frozen chicken

Making this recipe with Quorn

It is really easy to adapt this recipe to use Quorn fillets, as a vegetarian myself I do it often. It is always worth remembering that Quorn takes less time to cook when substituting it for chicken.

Check out my selection of Quorn recipes, all perfect for all the family whether vegetarian or not, some are vegan too.

Quorn KFC
Quorn KFC

Why you should enjoy desserts on a diet

If you are following a diet you will know how careful you feel you should be with your calories, syns or points. One good way to make your smaller dessert more filling is to add fruit or another low-calorie food. Fat-free fromage frais is a great choice and a great addition to most desserts or have a smaller piece.

If you prefer you can add a little flavouring or sweetener too. My favourite sweetener is Canderel Sugarly.

Do you ever have a glass of water before your dessert? Next time give it a try, you will naturally eat less as the water fills you up a little. A perfect way to enjoy the dessert you want and still lose weight.

More recipes you may enjoy

You can find more recipes with chicken here.

If you don’t fancy this but would like another recipe with rice check out my huge selection of rice recipes here like egg fried rice and Nigerian jollof rice and check out my tips for cooking the perfect rice!

Which meal do you struggle with ideas for healthily? I have lists of breakfast ideas and lunch ideas if that helps you. Fancy 4 weeks of lunches already planned out for you? Check this lunch plan out.

Big mac rice bowl
Big mac rice bowl

Etsy for weight loss

If you are like me and like buying fun new items to motivate your weight loss, then here are my favourites. Etsy is great for kitchen and weight loss goodies. I could spend hours browsing there.

There are so many great food diaries too so you can record your meal plans and track your weight loss to keep a record of the good and bad weeks. Click the photos to have a look for yourself.

weight loss sign
a bottle of milk
A weight loss sign
teaspoon saying calories don\'t count on this spoon
Weight loss magnet
A close up of a bouquet of skinny whip bars

Weight loss and Exercise Support

I have a lot of weight loss guides and support if you want to exercise including if you have a condition like fibromyalgia.

Have a good look around and see how I can help you achieve your weight loss goals. Request my free resources to get you started too!

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Jerk chicken

Jerk chicken and Caribbean rice recipe

  • Author: JustAverageJen
  • Prep Time: 15 Minutes
  • Cook Time: 40 Minutes
  • Total Time: 55 minutes
  • Yield: 4 Portions 1x
  • Category: Main meal
  • Method: Oven
  • Cuisine: Caribbean
  • Diet: Low Calorie



Caribbean Rice

350 Grams Dried long grain rice

1 TSP Jerk Seasoning

2 Roasted red peppers from a jar in brine (roughly chopped)

1 Carrot (coarsely grated)

1 red onion (finely chopped)

200 Grams Fresh mango (diced)

200 Grams Fresh Pineapple (diced)

2 TBSP Lime Juice

Jerk Chicken

4 Chicken Breasts

1 TSP Dried Thyme

1 TSP Ground ginger

1 TBSP Cider Vinegar

1 Clove Garlic (crushed)

1 TBSP Light Soy Sauce

1 TSP Jerk Seasoning


Cook rice according to packet instructions then strain and run cold water over to cool quickly.

Whilst the rice is cooking turn grill onto medium high heat.

Mix together all the ingredients for the Jerk chicken in a small bowl.

Cut 3/4 slits in each chicken breast.

Using a pastry brush or similar brush the jerk mixture over the chicken breasts and season well.

Put the chicken breasts under the grill, turning when needed to ensure they cook thoroughly. This should take approximately 15-20 minutes.

Whilst the chicken is cooking and the rice is cooling mix all the Caribbean rice ingredients in a large bowl.

Add the rice and mix well.

Serve rice cold with hot chicken and vegetables or salad of your choice.

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  1. Tried this with quorn fillets and it was delicious. Loved the seasoning and the tingle on my tongue.