Rice is an ingredient that is really versatile and used in many recipes but it is easy to get stuck in a rut. So many people think they can not cook boiled rice perfectly but I promise you that you can and I will show you how. All you need is a saucepan!

spoon of uncooked rice ready to cook boiled rice perfectly
spoon of uncooked rice

Basic tips to cook boiled rice perfectly

Never stir rice when it is cooking as, providing it has enough liquid in it, will not stick. Stirring breaks up the grains of rice and makes it go sticky and is not the way to cook boiled rice perfectly!

If you are boiling rice the easiest way to measure it is by volume, ie by cups full rather than weight eg grams. This makes it so much easier to cook and get the right amount of water.

I don’t generally use cups as a measurement as I see them as a very American term but actually for rice it is easier so do give it a go!

There are even ways to cook it in the microwave but I promise you that you will love this method to cook boiled rice perfectly.

Slimming World mushroom stroganoff with boiled rice cooked perfectly

How to cook rice perfectly- white long grain or basmati rice

If you can always follow these simple steps you will be guaranteed to cook boiled rice perfectly.

Step 1

Measure the rice you need into a sieve. Use one cup for every 2-3 portions you need of cooked rice. So if you are making 4 portions you need around two cups of dry rice.

Then for every cup of dry rice, you need two cups of water. If you prefer smaller or larger portions just adjust appropriately.

The below table should help guide you. If you prefer grams then a cup of rice is approximately 200g and a cup of water is 200 ml.

Portion control is important on any diet so be sure to measure!

Portions neededCups of riceCups of water
Cooking white rice perfectly

Step 2

Rinse the rice in cold water using the sieve until the water runs clear. Alternatively, soak in cold water for 30 minutes then drain well and give a quick rinse.

Step 3

Put the rice into a saucepan and add the appropriate amount of water.

Use boiling water to speed up the cooking time but cold water will work fine too.

If you like a little salt add it now. Place on the hob at the highest heat.

Step 4

Bring to a boil and then turn the temperature down so the water is bubbling a little but not violently and leave for approximately 10 minutes.

Try not to stir the rice at this point. It is not necessary and can make it end up sticky as you accidentally break the grains and make them starchy.

Step 5

When the water is fully absorbed and the rice is fluffy it will be done. If after 10 minutes it is not quite done just leave a little longer.

Remove from the heat and serve. You have successfully cooked boiled rice perfectly!

An oval dish of Caribbean rice using boiled rice cooked perfectly

How to cook boiled brown rice perfectly

Brown rice is cooked in the same way as the white rice above but does need more water to cook and a little longer, around 15-20 minutes usually after boiling point. The table below should help you.

Portions neededCups of riceCups of water
Cooking brown rice perfectly

Making meals with your boiled rice

There are so many meals to enjoy now you can cook boiled rice perfectly. Curries, of course, are a favourite, I have a post full of them here.

Stir fry type meals also go really well with rice and don’t really need a recipe, just chuck in whatever you fancy, stir and fry until cooked and serve with your freshly boiled rice!

Other meals that you could make with rice are in my dedicated rice recipes post.

If you like tasty Chinese then why not check out my Chinese fakeaway selection here and create a whole menu full of takeaway alternatives?

Images in this article are Caribbean rice and Mushroom Stroganoff.

Alternatives to rice with meals

If you fancy something different to rice with a meal or still just can not master this then how about hash browns?

Whilst it is not common to have curry with pasta you can certainly give it a try, or perhaps make Slimming World wedges?

If you are not a fan of rice or don’t like cooking it there is no reason not to make something else. As long as you enjoy whatever you eat that is what matters.

If you are not too confident a cook then why not check out my tips and recipes with butternut squash too?

Have you made my egg fried rice yet?

Are omelettes something else you struggle with? Tips to make omelettes and with eggs, in general, can be found here.

Not everyone can cook well but simple easy recipes can make you a great cook in no time.

Do you ever make risotto? Here is how you can easily make risotto and some recipes to try too, my favourite is mushroom risotto.

If you like doing anything the easy way then do check out one of my other websites Live the Easy Life or read my guide to easily buying wall art for your home. Nothing should ever be difficult, I love finding easy ways to do anything!

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