Healthy risotto is so easy to make. A friend was recently telling me that she has never made a risotto recipe from scratch as it seems too difficult. I guess she is probably not alone in this so thought I would share with you ten easy steps to help you make a great risotto. I love making healthy recipes do check out all the recipes I share.

butternut squash risotto

Making a healthy risotto

If you want to make your risotto recipe without any cream or wine then the following steps are perfect for you.

If you choose to add either of these then reduce the amount of boiling water you use by the amount of alternative liquid you use.

If you follow Slimming World, Weight Watchers (WW), Noom or any other weight loss plan you can usually count this as free or easily within your allowances, of course always check your plan for advice.

In my experience, this is a great Slimming World mushroom risotto as all the ingredients are syn free however of course check this yourself.

Ten Steps to the perfect risotto recipe

If cooking for four then weigh out 300g of Arborio rice. This is the best type of rice for risotto in my opinion. If you use any other type such as long grain it isn’t as starchy and won’t make a sticky risotto.

Measure the amount of liquid you need to 1.2 litres. This should ideally be just stock if you are trying to keep it healthy. Depending on the flavour risotto you are making this could be any stock of your choice.

Chose the flavour risotto you would like to make and prepare the vegetables to the size you would like. Aim for a good couple of handfuls per person.

onions being fried in a black frying pan close up

Using a large non-stick pan (I prefer my wok) will mean no need for oil or even frylight. Place over medium/high heat.

Fry some garlic and onion until soft then add in the dry risotto rice (do not rinse it!) and fry for a further 3 minutes stirring continuously.

Add in any flavours here such as paprika for a smoky flavoured risotto or extra garlic for a garlic mushroom risotto.

Add two ladles of the stock/liquid mixture and stir until absorbed.

Risotto rice

Looking at the vegetables/meats you are looking to include in the risotto work out approximately how long they will take to fry. The risotto will take 35 minutes so add these in at the appropriate time.

For example, cubes of butternut squash should go in after about 10 minutes whilst mushrooms after around 20 minutes. Alternatively, cook the vegetables/meats separately and add in five minutes before the end.

To give the risotto a sherry type flavour add one tablespoon of balsamic vinegar and one tablespoon of soy sauce to the stock.

Continue to add stock to the pan one ladle at a time until it is all used stirring throughout. Season if required.

seasoning the risotto

Flavours to try with my easy risotto recipe

Butternut squash with paprika risotto

Bacon and tomato risotto

Asparagus and pea risotto

Mushroom and spinach risotto

Bacon and leek risotto

Garlic mushroom risotto

or just play around with flavours and make something different.

If you want a very different risotto, not quite as healthy but still good there is this champagne risotto. Could you have it for Christmas dinner?

Slimming World risotto

Some healthy risotto tips

It can be reheated but will always be stodgier and more overcooked when you do.

Use Arborio rice or Carnaroli rice for the best risotto, I prefer arborio.

Adding Parmesan cheese to the top can be a perfect addition but if you follow a weight loss plan where you have to count this, such as Slimming World, make sure you measure it!

Enjoy playing around with flavours and making something all the family will enjoy.

butternut squash risotto

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  1. I have always wanted to try to make risotto at home. Honestly, I have been a bit intimidated by it. Anything like this makes me nervous. But I will have to try this out. It looks fairly straight forward and something I could do.

  2. Mmmm, this looks so good! Boy, it doesn’t sound hard to make either! This is my kind of recipe!

  3. I like it. I never actually saw a recipe about how to make risotto and it never occurred to me that there could be so many flavours. The risotto that I have eaten in restaurants here were not great but now I can try it out and find the one that I like.

  4. I’m never so creative with rice but if it can make such a yummy risotto dish, I should try more rice experiments with your recipe. The color looks like our favorite rice dish over here, the pilau.