Have you tried Henderson’s Relish before? It is a sauce that is rather similar in some ways to Worcestershire sauce however it is vegetarian and amazing. Historically it is made in Sheffield, Yorkshire.

If you haven’t tried it you really should. It is available in some supermarkets in the same area as ketchup and Worcestershire sauce etc.

If you struggle to find it there is a stockists finder on their website.

hendersons relish

What is Henderson’s Relish or Sauce?

It is a dark-coloured liquid flavouring perfect for adding to meals either whilst cooking or when serving. It has a similar consistency to vinegar or Worcestershire sauce.

Is Henderson’s relish the same as Worcestershire sauce?

Both Worcestershire or Worcester sauce and Hendersons have very similar flavours. Worcester and Worcestershire sauce are the same as each other, the difference is in name only.

The main difference is that Worcestershire/Worcester sauce contains a small number of anchovies, not enough you can taste I am told but as anchovies are fish this makes it not vegetarian.

Is Henderson’s relish vegetarian?

Yes, it is both vegan and vegetarian. It is also gluten-free and the perfect answer to Worcestershire sauce for vegetarians in recipes from bloody mary to mushroom stroganoff and everything in between.

Just Average Jen is an independent blog and in no way connected with any weight loss plan and no contributors have been trained by them or worked for them. It is the reader’s responsibility to check Slimming World syn values, WW points and any other allowances themselves as any given are approximate.

What are the syns for Henderson’s Relish on Slimming World?

Slimming World allows you to consume as much Henderson’s as you like as it is syn-free, as is Worcestershire/Worcester sauce.

In the same way as vinegar and other similar seasonings, it is syn-free and unlimited.

Can I use Worcestershire sauce instead of Henderson’s?

Yes, they are interchangeable in most recipes, obviously, if you are cooking for a vegetarian do not replace Henderson’s relish with Worcestershire sauce as it is not vegetarian.

Can I use Henderson’s relish instead of Worcestershire sauce?

There is no reason you can not use Henderson’s as an alternative to Worcestershire sauce in a recipe. I am sure you will enjoy it just as much.

Recipes and uses

Mix it with some smoked paprika and baked beans to make BBQ beans.

Sprinkle it on top of cheese-on-toast to add a lot of flavour.

Add it when making gravy to give it a bit of a kick.

Sprinkle it on top of Gardener’s Pie, Shepherd’s pie or cottage pie for an extra twist.

Add some in a cheese toasty for a delicious cheesy filling with a difference.

Sprinkle some on top of any cheese-topped pasta dish to really bring the dish alive with a different taste.

Top grilled tomatoes with some Henderson’s to really change the flavour.

Add some Henderson’s when making Bolognese gives it a really tangy and tasty kick.

Sprinkled over scrambled eggs it is just amazing, or even an omelette too.

Just sprinkle it over any meal that needs a bit of something it really is amazing stuff.

Do you use Henderson’s?

Henderson’s relish did not ask me to write this post I just love the stuff so much I wanted to share it with you guys!

Do you have any other uses for it that you would recommend? Have you ever tried it? If you follow a weight loss plan it is a great way of adding flavour to foods and in my opinion, it is most definitely worth trying so what are you waiting for, go and buy some!

If you buy it and don’t like it then hey it’s only a couple of pounds wasted. What am I talking about you will love it I am sure! In the words of Peter Kay (admittedly about something else!), it’s a taste sensation!

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