Unless you are vegan or have an allergy the chances are you use eggs fairly often. Here are some tips for eggs and recipes using eggs. I share how to get the most out of them without too much mess or stress! A healthy lunch with eggs can really set you up for the afternoon in my experience.

Close-up of eggs in a bowl

If you are a follower of Slimming World, Weight Watchers (WW), Noom or any other weight loss plan you can usually count many of these recipes and ideas as free or easily within your allowances, of course always check your plan for advice.


If you are unsure if an egg is still ok to use get a jug of cold water and carefully place the egg in. If the egg sinks it is ok but if it floats you shouldn’t eat it.

The reason behind this is that if the shell breaks down slightly air can get inside it (and make the egg go off), if there is air inside it then with this test it will float. If you remember one of my tips with eggs, remember this one!

Eggs can be stored safely for over a year. Read more about storing eggs in my egg storage article to see if it is something you can do.

For more tips on storing food check out my food storage tips.


Don’t crack on the side of a bowl

As much as you want to crack the egg on the side of the bowl or pan it is much better to crack it on a flat surface like the work surface or chopping board. Just one tap to crack the shell slightly but then use your fingers to open the shell. This way you won’t get the shell in your omelette!

Keep an eye out for reduced eggs

Eggs have two dates a sell-by date and a use-by date, usually with a week between, if you use eggs often you can save money buying them close to the use-by date and still be eating them within the date! Money-saving makes such a difference in the long run!

I love recipes with eggs so do this often and can save a lot of money.

scrambled eggs
Scrambled eggs

Add Water instead of Milk

If you want scrambled eggs or omelette but follow Slimming World or another diet and don’t want to use milk just use the same amount of water (a few tablespoons). Remember to season well and it will be just as fluffy.

The Perfect Omelette recipe

I spent ages perfecting the perfect omelette and how to stop it from turning into scrambled eggs! For a 3-egg omelette use a frying pan that measures around 6 inches in diameter.

Beat the eggs with about 3 tablespoons of water and season well in a jug. Spray the pan well with low-calorie cooking spray and place over medium heat until the pan is hot and the spray is no longer visible.

Pour in the mixture then, after one minute, use a silicone spatula to drag in the edge of the mixture towards the middle at various points around the omelette allowing the liquid from the top to run into the gap made.

Continue doing this until the top is no longer runny. The top doesn’t have to be completely set but if it is no longer runny then add the filling eg cheese and mushroom and immediately using the spatula fold in half in the pan and remove from the heat.

Stand for a minute then serve. The heat from the omelette will cook the part that was on top as it is now in the middle and you will have the perfect omelette!

Perfect Fried Eggs

For the perfect fried eggs use the freshest eggs you can as the yolk is less likely to split as the membrane of the yolk is stronger. To make it perfectly round you can use egg rings or an alternative if you don’t have egg rings is simply a ring of onion!

Separating Eggs

If you need to separate the yolk and the white the easiest way is when the eggs are cold. There are many gadgets available to separate them for you but I find the easiest way is to keep the yolk in the shell as you crack it!

Picking up a Dropped Egg

We have all done it haven’t we, dropped an egg all over the floor when making a healthy lunch with eggs in a rush and struggled to pick it up. The easiest way to pick it up is to tip salt over it and when that sets pick it up using a damp piece of kitchen roll.

Another way of picking it up is to use a brush and dustpan. This sounds bizarre but it really does work! This is one of my favourite tips for eggs.

Boiling Eggs

If you don’t want the egg to crack whilst boiling it is less likely if you use room temperature eggs. When they are cooked plunge them straight into cold water and leave them to cool in the cold water (keeping it cool by topping it up if necessary).

This also prevents the grey surrounding the yolk which whilst harmless is not so nice looking!

Cooled boiled eggs are great with salads or even as a snack.

Poaching eggs

The easiest way to make poached eggs is surprisingly simple. Boil a pan of water with a splash of white wine vinegar or cider vinegar in. Using ramekins or similar carefully break each egg into a separate ramekin and pour carefully, one at a time into the boiling water. When the egg rises to the top of the boiling water remove it carefully with a slotted spoon and serve immediately.

Slicing Boiled Eggs

To slice boiled eggs without them crumbling keep dipping the knife or slicer in cold water. This means you have much more perfect slices without crumbly yolk!

Hard egg halves decorated with parsley

Whisking Egg Whites

For the firmest egg whites, use a metal whisk and a glass or metal bowl. Plastic whisks or bowls have slight bits of oil absorbed in them and stop the egg from being whisked to quite as firm!

whisking egg whites
whisking egg whites

How to make round eggs without an egg ring

This is something I am often asked about, and it is really easy to make round eggs even if you don’t have an egg ring. The first option is to use a slice of onion. This forms a perfect circle to crack your egg into and makes a perfectly round fried egg. Another good option is a slice of pepper.

Alternatively, why not buy some cheap egg rings or a one-egg pan. Both can help you make the perfect round eggs in the future!

Healthy recipes using eggs

If you have eggs to use up or are starting to think it would be great to add more to your diet then here are some tasty recipes using eggs as one of the main ingredients for you. Perfect for an easy midweek meal!

Breakfast egg muffins

breakfast egg muffins
Breakfast egg muffins

Eggs Royale

Eggs royale on a white plate
Eggs royale

Spanish chickpeas, spinach and egg

Spanish chickpeas
Spanish chickpeas

Egg fried rice

Egg fried rice in a white bowl
Egg fried rice

Spinach and pea frittata

Spinach and pea frittata
Spinach and pea frittata

Sweetcorn fritter

Sweetcorn fritter
Sweetcorn fritter

Breakfast quiche

Breakfast quiche
Breakfast quiche

Eggs in Ham

Rosemary and caramelised onion mini quiches

mini quiches
Mini quiches

Vanilla baked cheesecake

Vanilla cheesecake
Vanilla cheesecake

Mini pepper quiches with a crust!

mini quiches
mini quiches with crust

Courgette bakes

Courgette bakes
Courgette bakes

Spanish chickpeas with egg

Spanish chickpeas
Spanish chickpeas



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