Are you looking for a tasty healthy curry? Here I have compiled all my reader’s favourite unofficial Slimming World curry recipes for you in one place. Not only that but I share with you my top tips to make any curry healthily!

With these tasty recipes, you will be able to enjoy curry regularly but with a nice variety. How do you fancy a healthy tikka masala or a jalfrezi sauce? Or is biryani more your thing or a vegetable curry in the slow cooker?

Whatever curry you enjoy these tasty curry recipes will teach you how to enjoy a curry recipe whilst also being healthy!

spices on teaspoons

Making a healthy curry

There are so many curry recipes on the internet but knowing how to turn a recipe you find into a healthy curry recipe is another thing entirely. These tips and swaps should help you with this.

There is no curry that you can not make on a healthy diet, it is all about choosing the right ingredients.

If you follow Slimming World, Weight Watchers (WW), Noom or any other weight loss plan you can usually count the ingredients within these recipes in your allowances.

It is of course important to check any plan you follow and remember all nutritional information and ingredients are found in the recipe cards.

diet club with group of people sitting facing a skinny woman holding a piece of fruit

Alternatives for oil in a curry

An easy swap is to use a low-calorie cooking spray like frylight instead of oil. With a non-stick pan, you may be able to avoid any kind of oil altogether.

I tend to use these when making my unofficial Slimming World chicken curry recipes.

Another option is to cook the meals differently. My air fryer onion bhajis recipe does just this!

spoonful of oil being poured

Alternatives to cream in a curry

Often cream can be swapped for fat-free fromage frais depending on the recipe. This is definitely worth considering.

If you want to stick to cream then use the lowest fat cream you can and potentially water it down slightly with some water.

Fat-free fromage frais is perfect to reduce calories as an alternative to cream.

Quark pot

How to choose meat for a curry

Buy the lowest-fat meat you can, once the recipe is made you won’t notice the difference.

If you are using mince ensure you buy 5% or less fat mince.

For beef buy it as lean as you can with all visible fat removed.

For pork remove all visible fat and rind.

My Slimming World Curry shopping essentials


I bulk buy a lot of my spices as it is so much cheaper. Many you can buy in big bags on Amazon so if you use them regularly this is well worth considering.

If you prefer to buy ready-made spice packs to add to meals then I love the Spicentice range. All of the dry spices are minimal calories, as are these blends.

If you would like to order from Spicentice then feel free to use my discount code JUSTJEN20 for 20% off.

I get a little commission for everyone that uses it at no cost to you which just means I can buy even more Spicentice kits!

Frying pans

I have two preferences for frying pans. A couple of years ago I reviewed the JML copper stone pans which I loved initially but they didn’t last well.

When it comes to frying pans opt for one that is well-recommended and that does not scratch easily.

Slow cooker

I love my slow cooker and use it regularly. It is great for curries as it cooks so slowly and helps to let the spices and flavours develop. Depending on the size and brand of slow cooker the price varies.

I have found all the brands I have had to be as good as each other though, to be honest.

peppers and onions in a frying pan

Making a healthy curry vegetarian or vegan curry


Usually swapping the meat for a vegetarian alternative can make a curry vegetarian.

My favourite alternatives are jackfruit, Quorn pieces, Quorn fillets, Quorn mince, lentils and mixed beans.


Many of the above meat alternatives are vegan so some curries can easily be made to be vegan. The only other consideration is any dairy products.

These can often be swapped for coconut, soya, almond or similar kinds of milk and creams.

More vegetarian and vegan recipes can be found in my dedicated list here.

fresh coriander

Unofficial Slimming World tikka masala recipe

This recipe for an unofficial Slimming World Tikka Masala is really straightforward and can easily be adapted if you prefer it a bit spicier!

Chicken jalfrezi
Chicken jalfrezi

Slow cooker unofficial Slimming World curry recipes

Keema curry is the perfect dish to make in the slow cooker and it also smells amazing as it is cooking!

Keema curry
Keema curry

If you are looking for a basic cheap curry that can be made for a couple of pounds, easily frozen and adapted as you wish then this Mushy pea curry is definitely the curry for you!

Mushy pea curry
Mushy pea curry

Slow cooker chicken tikka masala is so easy to make but will soon become a favourite of yours too.

chciken tikka, aloo gajar matar and rice

Jamaican beef stew is an extremely easy curry to make in the slow cooker and a very different sort of curry to the usual Indian or Chinese curries. It is well worth a try in my opinion.

Making a Slimming World Biryani

Tips and tricks for making an unofficial Slimming World Biryani can be found in my Chicken biryani recipe which can easily be adapted to make other Biryani recipes such as vegetable, beef, and prawn biryani.

plate of chicken biryani with a bowl of raita

Unofficial Slimming World chicken curry recipes

For something a bit different I thoroughly recommend this Malaysian red pepper and chicken curry recipe. It is full of flavour and includes lots of chunky vegetables.

Malaysian curry with chicken and pilau rice

If you love a jalfrezi, pepper and onion-based curry, then this chicken jalfrezi is so easy to make and the perfect recipe for you to try.

Chicken jalfrezi
Chicken jalfrezi

Sometimes you just want a Mild chicken curry, don’t you? This is a milk recipe all the family are sure to enjoy.

Mild chicken curry
Mild chicken curry

Chicken and mushroom curry is a firm favourite in Chinese cuisine and this healthy version is no exception.

chicken and mushroom curry

For a Japanese-style curry, the Chicken Katsu curry is ideal. Due to the curry being a sauce, it is a great one to adapt for families where the kids just will not eat curry to save you from making two completely separate meals!

chicken katsu curry
Chicken katsu curry

Have you ever tried Sri Lankan chicken curry? It is very spicy and delicious but why not try my recipe and see what you think?

Sri Lankan chicken curry
Sri Lankan chicken curry

Curry side dishes

My most popular recipe by far on this site is for curry loaf. If you have not tried my curry loaf recipe yet then you really need to!

Curry loaf sliced on a wooden board
Curry loaf

If you are an onion bhaji fan then you definitely need to try my easy healthy air fryer onion bhajis they are amazing and a much healthier option.

healthy air fryer onion bhajis on a plate with mint and yoghurt dip
Onion bhajis cooked in the air fryer

Aloo gobi is great on its own or as a side dish. This traditional Indian aloo gobi recipe is easy to make and full of flavour whilst also being healthy!

Aloo Gobi
Aloo Gobi

Chip shop-style curry sauce is a firm favourite of many. This easy recipe is perfect to save you excess calories.

Curry sauce
Curry sauce

How to make a mild Curry healthily

The simplest way to make a mild curry is to find one with very gentle spices and reduce those a little.

Alternatively, simply adding a small amount of mild curry powder to your vegetables and/or meat can make a gentle mild curry easily.

This Unofficial Slimming World mild curry recipe is perfect and this mushy pea curry can easily be made with less curry powder if preferred.

Mild chicken curry
Mild chicken curry

Unofficial Slimming World curry recipes – vegetarian

Many curries can be made vegetarian with a few easy swaps but these are ones I have tried and can definitely recommend.

This mixed vegetable biryani is delicious but can so easily be adapted to make other biryanis as the flavours are the same.

vegetable biryani
Vegetable biryani

Homestyle vegetable curry is a warming and simple vegetable curry for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. If you fancy a basic vegetable curry then this is the one for you.

vegetable curry
Vegetable curry

If you are vegetarian and worried about not having enough protein in your diet then adding chickpeas is great for this.

This One-pot Chickpea curry is really good and of course with only one pot so much less to wash up afterwards!

one pot chick pea curry
One Pot chickpea curry

Another popular unofficial Slimming World chickpea curry is cauliflower and chickpea curry. Give it a try and I am sure you will love it.

Cauliflower and chickpea curry
Cauliflower and chickpea curry

How about an Instant Pot vegetable curry? Easy to make and tasty too!

This vegetarian easy Indian curry with lemon and ginger rice is definitely one you should try too for minimal washing up and made so easily.

Slimming World curry Delicious and easy Indian Curry with Lemon & Ginger Rice

Quorn and mushroom curry is a great choice for those who want a vegetarian version of the popular chicken and mushroom curry.

The recipe for my tasty Quorn and mushroom curry is here.

Another vegetarian curry that I personally love is Jalfrezi made with Quorn.

Malaysian red pepper curry made with Quorn instead of chicken is also delicious! It is one of Stuart’s favourite meals so as a vegetarian I was keen to adapt it and try it out. I am glad I did as it is so good!

Quorn jalfrezi

Other reader’s favourite easy healthy curry recipes

Healthy lamb rogan josh

Lamb rogan josh is a popular curry and can easily be made with this easy-to-follow recipe.

What is your favourite curry? Have you tried to make it healthier or suitable for your weight loss plan?

lamb rogan josh
Lamb Rogan Josh

Other healthy recipes you may enjoy

If you like tasty Chinese then why not check out my Chinese fakeaway selection here and create a whole menu full of takeaway alternatives?

If you found this helpful please share!

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