Have you ever had a 5 bean salad in a jar? If not then you need to! When the summer is calling and you want to eat something light and delicious, you often choose a salad. But let’s face it, they can be a little boring, don’t you think?

If you make the salad yourself you will probably choose to add the usual suspects, but even with a dressing, you can find that it doesn’t quite hit the spot when it comes to satisfying your tastebuds and making you feel like you have enjoyed it. Enter the 5 Bean Salad with Courgette Jar.

This quick and easy salad is perfect for a warm and sunny day. It can be enjoyed as a light lunch or makes the perfect side dish for BBQs and other meals you might want to enjoy. So if this 5 Bean Salad with Zucchini Jar sounds like something you would love, then here is everything you need to know to make it. 

Ingredients needed for the 5 Bean Salad with Courgette Jar

Here is everything that you need to make the 5 Bean Salad with Courgette Jar. The ingredients list has been modified to give you quantities for 3 or 5 pint-sized jars, depending on how many you are making.

  • 420g can of 5 bean salad (do not drain) 
  • 12 oz of cherry tomatoes  
  • 1 small courgette (2 for 5-pint jars) 
  • ½ yellow bell pepper (1 bell pepper for 5-pint jars) 
  • ½ small red onion 
  • 2 garlic cloves 

Equipment needed

  • Spiraliser or a grater
  • 3-5 pint-size jars with lids

How to make the 5 Bean Salad with Courgette Jar

Now that you have got all of the ingredients together it is time to make the dish. 

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Makes 3-5 Pint size jars with lids. 

Spiralize or grate the courgette into a large bowl. You will need 1 courgette for 3-pint jars and 2 courgettes for 5-pint jars. Leave to one side

Next up, slice the cherry tomatoes in half and add them to the bowl of courgettes. 

Thinly slice the red onion into rings and then slice the rings in half. Add the onions to the bowl with the courgettes and tomatoes

Dice the yellow bell pepper. You will need half a yellow bell pepper for 3-pint jars and whole pepper for 5-pint jars. Add them to the bowl with the other ingredients you have prepared. 

Crush 2 whole garlic cloves and add to bowl. 

Now get your can of 5-bean salad. Do not drain the can, simply add the whole thing to the bowl with the other ingredients.

Make sure you mix everything up to combine all of the ingredients together. 

Fill the jars with salad. A quick tip is to use tongs to make it easier. Top off jars with vinegar liquid from the bottom of the bowl. This will act as the dressing for the salads. 

Keep in the refrigerator. Enjoy!

Recipe notes and tips

Like with any recipe, no matter how simple it may appear, it is always worth taking note of some helpful tips and advice on offer. I have a couple of suggestions that will help you when making this recipe. 

  • When distributing the salads between each jar use tongs to add the ingredients evenly. This will help you to distribute the salad without making a mess. 
  • Using a spiraliser will make things easier, but a grater can give the same effect. If you don’t have a spiraliser don’t think you can’t enjoy this salad as a grater will work just fine. 
  • Make sure you don’t drain the can of 5-bean salad. The liquid within it, combined with the other ingredients works towards making a dressing. 

Variations to try

When it comes to any recipe it is always good to hear of any variations you could make and try. This is by no means an exact recipe, and you can do your own thing regarding what you add or how you make it. Here are a couple of recommended variations that you might want to try. 

  • If you want to add more vegetables to this to make more quantities and add variation to the flavour then there are lots of other ones you can try. You could shred some kale, or slice up some celery to add to it. If you are a fan of iceberg lettuce then you could shred this very finely and add to it. 
  • If you want to make more of a dressing, then you could add some extra virgin olive oil to the salad. A twist of salt and freshly ground pepper into the bowl before dividing up into the glass pint jars will also transform the way this 5-bean salad with zucchini jar will taste. 
spoonful of oil being poured


There will always be questions that people may have, so hopefully, I will have managed to answer some of the common ones below. 

Can you make this ahead of time?

Yes, you can make this ahead of time. This will last in the refrigerator for up to three days, so you could make this before a BBQ or just have it in the fridge so you won’t be tempted to eat unhealthy snacks when hunger strikes. 

How do I store the 5 Bean Salad with Courgette Jar?

The 5 bean salad is already portioned up into pint-sized jars with lids, so this creates an airtight storage option. You simply need to just add it to the fridge. If there are leftovers, you can put them back in the original glass jar and store them in the fridge. 

What can I serve the 5 Bean Salad with Courgette Jar with?

This is a great salad perfect for BBQ. You can BBQ your favourite meat dishes or vegetables and this salad would work well with it. It will also be a great side for pasta dishes. Anything that you would usually serve a salad with, you can choose this one as it will work really well. 

I hope you enjoy making and eating your 5 Bean Salad with Courgette Jar. 

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5 bean salad jars

5 bean salad in a jar recipe

  • Author: JustAverageJen
  • Prep Time: 15 minutes
  • Total Time: 15 minutes
  • Yield: 3 Portions or 5 portion recipe 1x
  • Category: Main meal
  • Method: Non cook
  • Cuisine: Salad
  • Diet: Low Calorie


This easy 5-bean salad recipe is great to make for lunches for the week in advance and store in the fridge.



420g can 5 bean salad (do not drain)

12 oz cherry tomatoes

1 small courgette (2 for 5 pint jars)

1/2 yellow bell pepper (1 bell pepper for 5 pint jars)

1/2 small red onion

2 garlic cloves


Spiralize or grate courgette into large bowl. 1 courgette for 3 pint jars and 2 courgettes for 5 pint jars.

Slice cherry tomatoes in half and add to the bowl of courgette. 

Thinly slice red onion into rings and slice rings in half. Add to bowl. 

Dice yellow bell pepper, half for 3-pint jars and whole pepper for 5-pint jars. Add to bowl. • Crush 2 whole cloves of garlic and add to bowl. 

Add a can of 5-bean salad and thoroughly mix. 

Fill jars with salad, using tongs makes it easier. Top off jars with vinegar liquid from the bottom of the bowl, as the dressing.

Keep in refrigerator. Enjoy!

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