A hearty, warming curry is a dish sure to help you cosy up amid a surprise storm outside. Most chickpea curry recipes employ a lot of different, high-fat ingredients to ensure they deliver flavour, but this one doesn’t!

Aside from a tiny amount of low-calorie spray at the beginning of cooking, this dish is incredibly low in fat, meaning it has fewer than 300 calories per portion! If you follow Slimming World, Weight Watchers (WW), Noom or any other weight loss plan you can usually enjoy this within your allowances.

The key to this recipe is in chopping everything finely, and not being afraid to let your stew simmer for as long as it needs. If you leave all your gorgeous ingredients in the dish and let them bubble for fifteen minutes or more, you’re sure to end up with an aromatic, gently spiced curry.

one pot chick pea curry
One Pot chickpea curry

Getting the chickpea curry base flavours perfect

First of all, you need to finely dice the onion and garlic, before allowing them to heat through and gently fry in your pan. They’ll be done when they’re just starting to turn translucent.

The next step is to add in your finely chopped ginger, along with your spices. Allowing this mixture to thoroughly heat through and become aromatic is very important.

This process, known as blooming, allows fragrant ingredients in your dish to release their oils into the sauce early in the cooking process, ensuring their taste is distributed throughout the whole meal.

It’s important to ensure that you chop your ginger finely. A lot of recipes will insist that it’s best to grate your ginger, which can work well, but I find I get greater control with a sharp knife than with a grater. That said, the choice is yours!

Before we move on a word on peeling ginger. There are a million and one methods out there to peel the skin off your ginger before you cook with it, and the most popular way is to use a teaspoon to, essentially, scrape off the skin.

I’ve never had success with this, and I prefer to simply chop away the outer layer of skin with a knife. If you’ve got any other ways that are easy but still retain a lot of your ingredients, then let me know!

Blooming can be an important part of a wide variety of different curry dishes, so ensure that you don’t skip it.

Adding the other ingredients

The next step is to add all of your tomatoes, lentils, and non-fat greek-style yoghurt. There are lots of variations in those ingredients, but I’ve found the most success with tinned tomatoes, split red lentils, and thick, set fat-free yoghurt.

The number one reason that I’ve enjoyed using those ingredients is ease: it’s simply quicker and easier for me to open a tin of tomatoes than it is for me to dice a few up. Plus, tinned ingredients will keep longer, and can be just as tasty!

Make sure to give all those ingredients a good mix to make sure that they’re all homogeneous, and there are no big clumps of yoghurt or lentil in the pot. I added a little bit of water here, as my lentils weren’t completely covered, but it wasn’t needed in the end.

lentils infographic

Letting the flavours work

Then, cover and simmer for roughly fifteen minutes, or until the lentils are soft and tender. There’s nothing worse than badly cooked lentils.

Undercooked, they’re crunchy and hard, but overcooked, they’re mushy and sticky. They’re an easy ingredient to get right, and they definitely add a lot to the dish overall.

Then, add in your broccoli florets, and cook them for a further four minutes. You want the tips of the florets to be tender, but the stems still have a little bite to them: this texture difference can really enhance your meal.

one pot chick pea curry
One Pot chickpea curry

The final touches

When your broccoli is well-cooked, you can add in your chickpeas, spinach, and lemon juice. They’ll need cooking for roughly three minutes, or until the spinach has wilted into the dish.

I used lime juice here, as I had a spare one that needed using, and it gave the dish a nice kick! Lemon works well here because it adds a floral note which is enhanced by the ginger, while lime works as it has a sharp quality, which pairs very well with the broccoli.

one pot chick pea curry
One Pot chickpea curry

Serving the Chickpea curry

Once you’re satisfied that your spinach is wilted, feel free to serve it! You could top it with a little extra yoghurt, or some freshly chopped coriander, but I was far too hungry to wait that long.

If you wanted to do sides, this dish would pair well with lemon and ginger rice. That said, because of the lentils throughout the dish, it doesn’t need anything else!

A bowl will keep you full on less than 300 calories!

one pot chick pea curry
One Pot chickpea curry

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one pot chick pea curry

One-Pot, Low-Calorie Chickpea Curry

  • Author: JustAverageJen
  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: 30 minutes
  • Total Time: 40 minutes
  • Yield: 4 Portions 1x
  • Category: Main meal
  • Method: Hob
  • Cuisine: Indian
  • Diet: Low Calorie


Delicious one-pot chickpea curry which is perfect if you eat low-calorie if you are just trying to be a bit healthier



1 onion, diced.

2 cloves garlic, minced.

2 tsp ground coriander.

1 tsp cumin.

1 tsp turmeric.

1 pinch chilli flakes (optional).

1 pinch salt.

3cm piece fresh ginger, peeled and minced.

400g tin chopped tomatoes.

4 tbsp red split lentils.

4 tbsp thick, set, non-fat greek-style yoghurt.

200g broccoli florets.

400g tin chickpeas, drained and rinsed.

100g spinach.

1/2 lemon, juiced.

Lime can be substituted for an alternative flavour.

Toppings: (optional)

Thick, set, fat-free greek-style yoghurt

Fresh coriander, chopped.


Add a spray or two of low-calorie frying spray to the bottom of your pan, and add your diced onion and minced garlic. Cook until the onions are just starting to turn translucent at the edges.


Add your spices, salt, and minced ginger. Cook them for a further two minutes to allow for blooming of the spices.


Add the tomatoes, lentils, and yoghurt. Cover and simmer for about fifteen minutes, or until your lentils are soft and tender.


Stir in the broccoli, and cook for a further four minutes. Aim for soft florets, but stems which still have a little crunch to them.


Stir in the chickpeas, spinach, and lemon or lime juice. Cook for a further three minutes, or until the spinach is slightly wilted and the chickpeas are hot through and have softened slightly.


Serve with a tablespoon of yoghurt and a little chopped coriander.



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