I fancied something a bit different to snack on so thought I would try to make a low-calorie curry loaf, a chickpea loaf recipe as a vegetarian meatloaf.

I wanted one that would be a good, Slimming World friendly, snack for weight loss and also really easy to make.

I had seen the curry loaf recipe that includes rice and chickpea dahl but I wanted something different.

Curry loaf sliced on a wooden board

Disclaimer: Just Average Jen is not connected with any weight loss plan. Please check nutritional values and/or syns yourself as these are approximate to the best of my knowledge.

What is a curry loaf?

A curry loaf is similar to a meatloaf, it is a vegetarian chickpea loaf full of nutrients and flavour and perfect for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

If you are looking for a Slimming World meatloaf and are happy for it to be a vegetarian option then this could be perfect for you.

Alternatively for a family meal if you have meatloaf and want to make an equivalent for the vegetarians I would, as a vegetarian, highly recommend this as a perfect option.

It is so much better than serving something completely different.

chickpeas in a bowl
Bowl of chickpeas

Enjoying this curry loaf on Slimming World

This low-calorie curry loaf recipe uses ingredients usually considered as free foods on the Slimming World plan so it fits really well in your healthy diet as part of the main meal or as a snack.

After I had made it I realised it was also great when following the low-carb SP plan on Slimming World. I hope you enjoy it too and do tag me (@justaveragejen) in any photos on Instagram etc.

chickpea infographic showing it is high in iron, choline, protein and potassium.

Why choose my curry loaf recipe?

In all my recipes I aim to make using ingredients easily available. I am a busy mum and know many of my readers are too so I generally try to share recipes like this unofficial Slimming World curry loaf that fit with this.

Who needs recipes with 30 obscure ingredients? This low-calorie curry loaf recipe uses just 6 ingredients available at every supermarket!

Pop over to my Recipe Section for more yummy recipes when you have checked out this one. I have a whole list of chickpea recipes including tips for cooking with them.

One of the most popular is Cauliflower and chickpea curry

Cauliflower and chickpea curry
Cauliflower and chickpea curry

This is closely followed by one-pot chickpea curry which is perfect for minimising washing up!

one pot chick pea curry
One-Pot chickpea curry

Another popular recipe is Spanish chickpeas which are great if you fancy something different to curry with your chickpeas.

Spanish chickpeas
Spanish chickpeas

Do you enjoy spicy foods? I love curry but I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to spices so this is quite mild but tasty. I love vegetable biryani too. Have you tried my recipe for that?

vegetable biryani with rice in shades of yellow and grey.
Vegetable biryani

Low-calorie curry loaf as a snack

This low-calorie curry loaf is perfect for snacks. Have you checked out my cinema snacks article full of ideas to help you stay on track with snacks?

Do you find that snacks like this help you to avoid eating unhealthy snacks?

Boredom eating is much better when you eat healthier options! I am always picking on foods just because I am bored or emotional.

Have you made curry loaf before? I know some people make it with rice which is tasty too.

red onion whole with a halved red onion and some red onion pieces on a wooden table
Red onions

Whilst I like it made in that way I prefer it with this recipe and then enjoying it with rice if I fancy it. More often than not though I just snack on it.

Stuart loves it too, I might start making my own batch and hiding it from him.

Curry loaf sliced on a wooden board
Curry loaf

How to serve this curry loaf

This is a great chickpea snack to eat on its own. It can be kept sliced in the fridge to pick at when you are a little hungry.

If you are enjoying this as part of your main meal I would suggest you enjoy it with salad for a low-calorie meal.

For a more filling meal, it is great with couscous such as my mixed vegetable couscous in warmer weather or with boiled new potatoes, vegetables and gravy on a colder day.

vegetable couscous in a white bowl
Mixed vegetable couscous

About the ingredients needed for this curry loaf

This recipe uses chickpeas – great for protein and lots more information about the benefits of chickpeas is in my chickpea article full of chickpea recipes.

Whilst chickpea dahl can be used in this recipe it will make it difficult to set the loaf as it is a very different consistency.

If you are looking for a healthy low syn chickpea dahl then I would recommend the Mazadar chickpea dahl available from B&M bargains.

It is definitely one to try however I would suggest not using dahl in this recipe.

chickpea infographic showing it is high in iron, choline, protein and potassium.

Another ingredient in this recipe is red onions. They are so good for you they are a great addition to any meal! If you prefer to use white onions they work just as well but add less colour.

onion infographic

Curry powder is so cheap but makes this recipe perfect. If you want to adapt the heat of the recipe it is easy to use a hotter curry powder or add some chilli flakes so make it to your taste.

The recipe also has tomato puree which has a lot of health benefits too. The tomato puree helps bind the recipe whilst adding more flavour.

Tomato infographic showing the benefits of tomatoes in the diet for example only 22 calories per tomato, anti oxidants and that they are good for your skin.

This recipe uses three carrots, these are great as they add texture and flavour and of course, with carrots being so good for you that is a great addition too.

Benefits of carrots infographic

Health benefits of this curry loaf

The ingredients in this curry loaf all have their own amazing health benefits. A few I think you need to know about are:

Chickpeas are an often-overlooked ingredient that packs a powerful punch when it comes to nutrition. These little legumes are incredibly healthy, offering a wide range of vitamins and nutrients that would make any dietician proud.

With a plethora of fibre, iron, and protein, chickpeas can help keep your body fueled and feeling great. And with all the many other versatile ways to use them – from hummus to salads and beyond – there’s no reason not to give chickpeas a try.

Carrots are one of the healthiest vegetables out there, packed with an array of vitamins and nutrients that are essential to maintaining a healthy body.

Besides being an excellent source of beta-carotene, which is good for your eyesight, carrots also contain fibre, potassium, vitamin K, and antioxidants, which help to combat inflammation and boost the immune system.

More recipes you may enjoy

If you are a curry fan and have enjoyed this unofficial Slimming World curry loaf then do check out my post full of curry tips and recipes.

Did you know many people enjoy roasted chickpeas for a Slimming World or diet snack?

They are similar in taste to peanuts but healthier. Unfortunately, however, they are counted as syns on Slimming World as they can be over-eaten and are not filling.

Have you made sourdough bread yet? What do you think? That would be a great way to enjoy a sandwich alongside your curry loaf.

one pot chick pea curry
One-Pot chickpea curry
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Curry loaf sliced on a wooden board

Healthy low-calorie curry loaf – unofficial Slimming World Curry Loaf

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  • Author: JustAverageJen
  • Prep Time: 10 Minutes
  • Cook Time: 45 Minutes
  • Total Time: 55 minutes
  • Yield: 8 Slices 1x
  • Category: Snack
  • Method: Oven
  • Cuisine: Snack
  • Diet: Low Calorie


The BEST low-calorie curry loaf! Perfect hot and cold and under £2 to make. A different curried loaf recipe I think you will love more than the ones you have tried before!



380 Grams Chick Peas (weight drained)

4 large Eggs

2 Tbsp Medium Curry Powder

3 Large Carrots (finely grated)

1 Large Red onion (diced)

1 Tbsp Tomato Puree


Blend the chick peas, eggs, curry powder and tomato puree until smooth.

Stir in the onion and grated carrots until well combined.

Spoon mixture into a silicone loaf tin (or lined tin) and smooth on top.

Bake in the oven 200°c for 40-45 minutes or until firm.

Cut up and enjoy your curry loaf!


I prefer it served cold but it is nice either way!

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  1. Absolutely Gorgeous! Made this and have eaten it all week for lunch with a side Salad… Delicious, thank you

  2. Fiona Butler says:

    I love this and have it with soup. I was wondering if I could make it with cinnamon or mixed spice and leave out the onion? Did you ever make a sweet version of this? Thank you

    1. JustAverageJen says:

      I haven’t tried a sweet version but it sounds a good idea so I can’t see why it wouldn’t work!

  3. I’m a busy mom, too! Loved this curry loaf – perfect hot and cold, and so easy to make. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Joanne Paull says:

    I made the curry loaf and it didn’t disappoint! I’m trying so at the moment so nice to be able to eat this

  5. Just made the curry loaf. It was quick and easy and tastes delicious. Had it with a nice big salad.

  6. Ann Reynolds says:

    Congratulations on your fantastic weight loss well done . I need to do the same so I will be following you as you are an expert now.
    I have just made your curry loaf it is lovely! I look forward to many more syn free recipes on your site.
    Stay safe x

  7. JustAverageJen says:

    I hope you enjoyed it 🙂

  8. Tina Sharp says:

    I am currently at Slimming World, but can’t go to my meeting due to the current worldwide situation. I have not found a recipe for Curry Loaf until I saw your page . A friend of mine made it and said it was lovely and all free. I will give it a go. Thank you. Keep well and stay safe xx

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