I am so hot this week and I know many of you are too so I wanted to share healthy recipe for a heatwave that I would recommend you consider.

Chicken lime tacos
Chicken lime tacos


Tacos are a great option for the summer especially when it is hot as there is a small hot part of the recipe but most of it is cold and they are filling family meals you can all enjoy together in the garden. I have two taco recipes for a heatwave for you to try, vegan tacos or chicken lime tacos.

vegan tacos
Vegan Tacos

Dips and vegetable sticks

Dips with vegetable sticks are a great meal on their own or addition to a BBQ or similar. I have a lot of great dip recipes I know you will love including spicy lentil dip, sour cream alternative, salsa, salsa verdi, guacamole and more.

At the same time why not consider making your own healthy dressings for salads?

selection of dips and crudites
Selection of dips with crudites


My recipe for sheet pan fajitas means you do not need to do anything except put the ingredients in the oven. It is a great family meal to enjoy in the garden and with cool dips to make it perfect for a hot day.

Oven sheet pan fajitas
Oven sheet pan fajitas


I love falafel in the summer with either dips or in a wrap. It is also a great side dish to any meal or snack for the summer. Have you ever made your own falafel? It is surprisingly easy!

Falafel wrap
Falafel wrap

Fritters and Frittatas

There are so many combinations of vegetables you can enjoy in a fritter or frittata. My personal favourite is the Sweetcorn fritter but I also have recipes for spinach and pea frittata and spinach and mushroom frittata, both of which are delicious recipes for a heatwave.

Sweetcorn fritter
Sweetcorn fritter


If you like burritos then I think they are a great option for the summer. I have two burrito recipes I think you will like. They are black bean burritos and veggie burritos. Both are great for evening meals or for a slight alternative why not try a Black bean burrito bowl?

plate with veggie burritos, rice, salad and sour cream
Veggie burritos

Liven up the salad

If you fancy a simple salad but would like to liven it up a little then why not check out my rubs for chicken and make a flavoured chicken for your salad? Alternatively have you tried the sticky chicken salad recipe yet? It is perfect for summer recipes for a heatwave!

Sticky chicken salad
Sticky chicken salad

Honey and soy salmon salad is another popular way to liven up your salad. It means each person in the family can have the same basic salad but you could each have a different topping, maybe ham for one person, chicken for another, salmon for someone else and egg for another?

Honey soy salmon salad
Honey soy salmon salad

Roasted vegetable salad

A salad doesn’t have to be all about lettuce leaves, cucumber and tomatoes. they can get boring after a while, can’t they? Have you seen my roasted vegetable salad?

It might be a great recipe to try and you can easily swap the vegetables in the recipe if you can not get any due to the heatwave!

plate of roasted vegetable salad
Roasted vegetable salad


Quiches do not have to be unhealthy with pastry. We enjoy crustless quiches in this house often and my favourite is caramelised onion and rosemary.

If I want to make them with a crust then something I have done for years now is to use soft taco shells and make taco boat quiches. You can play around with the ingredients to get the flavours you fancy but I avoid mushrooms and tomatoes as they can make it quite soggy.

mini quiches
mini quiches with crust

Fakeaway Doner kebab

Instead of ordering takeaway why not make your own doner kebab to enjoy in the sun. It has so many fewer calories than a takeaway and is so similar in flavour.

It does require cooking in the oven for an hour however you can easily mix it up then leave it in the oven which in my eyes is much better than standing at the hob cooking in this heat! You can slice the kebab meat as thickly or thinly as you choose.

doner kebab in bread with salad
Doner kebab served in pitta style bread with salad

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If you found this helpful please share!

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  1. These recipes all sound and look delicious, I really struggled knowing what to eat during the heatwave, the vegetable sticks and dips sound right up my street. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Heatwave recipes are very convenient! Thanks for sharing this list so we can eat healthy and convenient at the same time!