Ever wonder whether that extra walk has burnt enough calories for a slice of cake? This exercise calorie calculator should help you to see how many calories different exercises burn and as such how to decide which exercise is best for you.

Calories are based on a number of things and worked out using my exercise calorie calculator

Choosing the best exercise

Of course there is a lot more to exercise than just the calories burnt. If you enjoy an exercise it makes it more fun and a hobby so how many calories you burn becomes pretty immaterial.

Some exercises are more likely to build muscle than others so this is something else to consider. If you are wanting to lose weight and body fat, and tone up you could well choose different exercises to someone wanting to build muscle.

Whatever exercises you choose to get your heart rate up this exercise calorie calculator should help you decide how hard to work, how long to exercise for, your activity level and most importantly if you feel you deserve that treat at the end.

Two fit adults running on treadmills

Exercise equipment for plus-size people

If you are worried about exercise equipment with a high weight capacity then don’t panic, check the two articles below as both have some great choices to help, click the image if you want to see what I have found for you.

Best treadmills with a high weight capacity
Best exercise bikes with a high weight capacity

What this exercise calorie calculator shows

This calculator includes hundreds of different exercises and will help you to find how many calories you can burn with those exercises. This information is calculated using your height and weight.

Other information shown is your BMI, a statistic commonly used and referred to but not one I generally agree with. Make your own mind up but my opinions on why the BMI scale is rubbish.

The exercise calorie calculator also shows your BMR, this is your basal metabolic rate. If you did nothing all day this is the rate your body burns calories just to survive. This should be the very lowest amount you ever consider eating!

This is the least amount of calories a day that your body needs. The reality is though that most people don’t sit not doing anything all day.

Even cooking, cleaning, housework etc burns more calories than just sitting and doing nothing.

BMR written in notebook with basal metabolic rate - one of the measurements given by the exercise calorie calculator

When not to use this calculator

If in any doubt as to the suitability of this exercise calorie calculator due to any medical conditions, you should speak to your own doctor or specialist.

This calculator should not be used by pregnant women or those breastfeeding or who have recently given birth. During these periods your weight and the calories you burn are considerably different to the average person.

Children should not calorie count and never be considering weight loss but instead focus on healthy eating. I have lots of healthy eating tips for children looking to be healthy weight.

Of course, you can still estimate calories burnt but children have different metabolisms so this will not be as accurate as adults.

pregnant lady holding small blue weights in each hand

How to use this exercise calorie calculator

Make sure you input the correct gender, age, height and weight

I know we don’t like to admit what we weigh but if we are not honest in this calculator we will not get as accurate a reading.

The toggle can easily be changed between imperial and metric to help you remember there is 14lb in a stone, alternatively, you could use a converter.

Select your choice of exercise or exercises

If you want to see your total calories burnt for a walk, a run and a swim for example you can select each. You can add up to 10 exercises.

Specify the time you did this exercise in hours or minutes

Be sure not to put 20 in the hour box for a 20-minute workout!


Simply click calculate and calculate the number of calories burned given your height and weight etc.

Just Average Jen Calories Burned By Exercises

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    Calories burned

    Before using the data obtained using this calculator, please consult with doctor.

    Track your exercise

    If you track your exercise then it can help you stay motivated and exercise more regularly. Sign up below for my free download to track your exercise and keep going.


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    What to eat to make the most of your calories

    If you have used the calculator and realised now that a 30-minute run doesn’t burn as many calories as you hoped there are a number of things you can do to make the most of these in your diet.

    Do check all my healthy recipes and see what you can make this week.

    I have talked previously about the calorie density of vegetables. Eating 100g of vegetables fills you up as much as eating 100g of chocolate but for fewer calories.

    Of course, no one runs 5 miles so they can eat some carrot sticks, do they? Try to swap some of your foods to lower-calorie options could make all the difference.

    Instead of seeing exercise as something to earn you more calories why not eat healthier foods and see exercise as that extra buffer?

    Have you found this exercise calorie calculator helpful? Do comment and let me know below in the comments.

    I have a lot of weight loss guides and support if you want to exercise including if you have a condition like fibromyalgia.

    Have a good look around and see how I can help you achieve your weight loss goals. Request my free resources to get you started too!

    If you found this helpful please share!

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    1. Apologies for my first comment box? didn’t make much sense to me either ?basically I’m trying to loose weight, previously I’ve tried Ww blue plan, however I found it too restrictive and was constantly hungry on it. I’ve tried cico approach but got fed up always counting calories. I’d love to try sw and was wondering if you could let me know your thoughts about it. I really admire how much you mad to loose and would love to be able to achieve that too. I’m a vet by the way.

    2. Hi there, I’m so glad I came across your post. Please help as I’d love to give as a try but worry I might not loose as I have tried once before and didn’t loose more than 4 lbs and mostly would stay many weeks or gain and loose the same pounds. I feel calorie counting too restrictive if I don’t make the right food choices. I’ve heard a lot of people not doing avoiding any kind of workout because the scales will show them having a gain.