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Are you looking for screen-free activities for your children? With the hit of the recent pandemic, the usage of devices has grown significantly. Children were forced to study and communicate with friends online which led to most activities being completed there.

Over time, children have forgotten the value and excitement of doing activities that don’t require a screen. As parents, we want our children to be as creative as possible and enjoy their childhood doing activities that will benefit them and help them develop. Here are some activities you can do with your child that are screen-free.

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Get creative

Most of the time children reach for screens because they think it’s the only thing that will keep them occupied for a long period of time. Bring out all the arts and crafts and allow your child to go wild.

If they feel they are lost when it comes to what to draw or paint, set a challenge. Give them an hour to come up with the same picture as you and see how far you get in the time set. It usually is quite enjoyable to see what the result is. This is one of the best screen-free activities for all ages.

Get digging in the garden

The outdoors is one of the best places to get your child interested. Not only will they be enjoying the fresh air but gradually growing an appreciation for nature.

Plant some new flowers together or get them to help you dig up those stubborn weeds. This can end up becoming a very entertaining activity.

Cook together

Children are fascinated by the process of cooking. Pop on an apron and make a new recipe together. Allow them to help mix and weigh out ingredients. A little bit of mess never hurt anybody so don’t be afraid to get your hands stuck right in.

Learn a new language

Rent out some books from the library and sit with your child as they go through all the words. Be sure to join and support them to keep them motivated to continue. This is one of those screen-free activities they can use throughout life as they holiday too.

Go on regular walks together

Pack up a rucksack of snacks and head to your local park or nature reserve. Being outside helps with anxiety and stress so this is great for all members of the family to do together. Go where the wind takes you and allow the adventure to follow. You may end up finding yourself having the best experience!

Screen-free activities are easy to complete and a great way for your child to spend time away from their devices. Figure out what your child likes and start today!

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