This is a common question I am asked and I have seen asked on Slimming World groups online etc. If you wish to follow Slimming World or WW from home or weigh yourself in between groups then here are the best bathroom scales for weight loss.

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How often should you weigh yourself when losing weight?

The ideal way to weigh yourself when you are trying to lose weight is at the same time of day once a week.

If you weigh yourself more frequently than this you are likely to get easily disheartened as your weight fluctuates regularly and if you weigh on a day where you have retained a lot of water, are a little constipated or have just happened to fluctuate upwards this can really knock your confidence.

Things that will affect what you weigh on the scales

All these things should be constant and not change each time you go on the scales. If you do make drastic changes to these then the weight shown could be inaccurate, don’t blame the scales!

Always weigh in the same room with the same flooring

Weigh without shoes and in similar clothing (jeans weigh a lot!)

Use the same scales each time, even if they are not accurate for the number you weigh the differences each week should be

Follow the instructions for example some scales that measure things like body water require you to weigh barefoot.

Things that will not affect your weight, but we all wish they did, are listed in a funny yet true story of trying to cheat the scales.

The best Smart scales for weight loss

Weight loss scales with smart features can be hard to find so here are some I think you should check out.

Weight loss scales to connect with Apple/Android/Bluetooth

FitTrack Dara digital smart scale and body analyser

These scales measure 17 different essential health factors! Weight, body fat, muscle weight, hydration, bone mass, muscle mass, visceral weight, BMR, BMI, protein rate, metabolic age and obesity level.

They use information like your age, gender and height to help calculate these. With a FitTrack app that connects with Fitbit, Apple Health and Google Fit apps you really can’t go wrong and isn’t much it can’t do. The weight capacity is 28st 5lb or 181kg

Renpho body fat scales with Bluetooth

I have noticed these scales to be popular in the Slimming World groups on Facebook. They are good value and cheaper than other similar scales and have a 180kg weight limit or 28st 8lbs.

They offer 13 different measurements including BMI, muscle mass, and body fat % and you can connect them to Samsung health, Apple health, Fitbit, Google fit and Apple watches except series 1. Perfect for families of all sizes this bathroom scale has unlimited users.

Eufy Smart scale C1

These weight loss scales measure 12 different measurements including BMI, bone mass, visceral fat, and muscle. They have a weight capacity of 180kg or 28st 8lb (397lb) and they have memory for up to 16 users.

A large LED display makes these scales easy to read and they can be connected to Apple Health, Google Fit and Fitbit.

WW Bluetooth body analysis

These WW Bluetooth body analysis weight loss scales profess to be super accurate and also show BMI, body fat %, body water %, muscle mass % and bone mass %.

These have a 10-person memory and a 15-year guarantee. They also have a weight capacity of 28st 8lb or 180kg.

The best bathroom scales – high weight capacity

It can be difficult to find scales when you are losing weight but are over the weight of many of the cheaper scales. Save hunting and check out my selection for you.

Scales up to 39 stone 5lb or 250kg

Salter Max

These Salter Max scales weigh up to 250kg, 39st 5lb. Perfect for uneven floors and simple step on step off technology. Nothing fancy just step on and see what you weigh.

These are the ones I use and highly recommend as the best bathroom scales I have ever had. They may not be smart but they do the job well with quick easy weighing whenever needed.

Scales up to 28 stone 8lb or 180kg

WW Ultimate

These WW Ultimate accuracy easy read scales have an extra-wide platform, ideal for those with mobility difficulties.

They also measure BMI, body fat %, body water % and muscle mass %. A four-person memory makes these great for all the family.

Weight Watchers Ultra Slim

These Weight Watchers Ultra Slim glass body analyser weight loss scales also have a 4-user memory and include muscle mass but also with an athlete mode.

Perfect for those where one member of the family needs to watch their muscle mass for fitness but others may be less so.

WW Bluetooth body analysis

These WW Bluetooth body analysis scales profess to be super accurate and also show BMI, body fat %, body water %, muscle mass % and bone mass %.

There is a 10-person memory and a 15-year guarantee.

Scales up to 25 stone or 158kg

WW Easy Read precision

These WW Easy read precision bathroom scales weigh up to 25 stone and in kg mode measure as small a precision to be within 50g! These scales, unlike many others, are plastic with a metal base. A large display helps those who prefer to weigh without their glasses on!

Buy bathroom scales now!

You have opened this article because you are considering buying scales, stop putting it off and start losing weight as soon as you can!

I have a lot of weight loss guides and support if you want to exercise including if you have a condition like fibromyalgia.

Have a good look around and see how I can help you achieve your weight loss goals. Request my free resources to get you started too!

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