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It’s true that for most of us, cooking or prepping ingredients in the kitchen isn’t something we give too much thought to, after all, what’s the problem with making a simple dinner, or putting a couple of slices of toast on?

But although many tasks in the kitchen are simple and cause no issues – for people with limited mobility, the very same simple processes can cause real hardship or even risk injury.

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Kitchen safety

That’s not to say that it’s (statistically) particularly safe for anyone in the kitchen…regardless of levels of mobility.

A recent poll of 2000 residents by the National Accident Helpline, found the kitchen is the most likely location for accidents in the home, with 60 per cent of people polled experiencing a mishap in the last 12 months, while kitchen knives are the most likely item to cause an incident (amazingly at 49 per cent!!). I sliced my finger quite deeply on a tin can a few weeks ago!

So if there’s a few daily living aids that can make life a little easier and safer in the kitchen, it’s maybe worth a closer look…

two slices of toast
Crusty bread toast slice isolated on white background

Kitchen aids

With the stats, (as mentioned above) showing us that the use of knives in the kitchen is a potential area of difficulty, then there are some great options out there that can really help.

Kitchen workstation

The Kitchen Workstation can revolutionise many of those tricky kitchen tasks, making food prep fun and enjoyable again, as you are effectively given an extra pair of safe hands to handle, grip and control your ingredients. 

Although originally conceived and designed for use by the elderly, the disabled or those with arthritis or similar conditions, the Kitchen Workstation has become a kitchen staple in many homes of perfectly able-bodied users, as the functions are actually so handy and can reduce food prep time by half or less.

White kitchen side with bread in mobility aid

Finally, for the toast lover, the workstation’s raised corner lip makes spreading spreads onto a slice of bread an almost effortless task, keeping the bread securely in one place during the entire process.

As with knives and other sharp implements in the kitchen, there are other common activities that although very simple, can cause difficulties and potentially be dangerous.

Kettle with tipper

The ubiquitous kitchen kettle is one such device that has its moments of causing difficulties, especially for those with a disability that affects grip strength and lifting ability.

White and black aid for the kitchen

The weight of a fully filled kettle can be a few Kilograms, so it’s no wonder that manipulating a relatively heavy weight to direct liquid into a mug, or other receptacle has its potential perils! 

Enter the Combination Kettle with Tipper. it features an effortless power-steering pour action that almost eliminates any risk brought about by pouring from a heavy kettle. 

The technology is known as PowerPour – a non-weight bearing tilt and pour action from the ergonomic handle helping to direct hot water into the cup without the need for removing the kettle from its cradle.

cup fo coffee

Kitchen aids can make a real difference

Aside from knives, kitchen tools and hot liquids, where are the other areas that create challenges when working in the kitchen?

One that all readers will be familiar with, whatever the level of mobility or hand strength is removing lids from jars or bottles. 

Who hasn’t ever had that frustrated family member approach them, with painful hands, thrusting their unopened bottle or jar in your direction, begging for help with a defeated look in their eyes?

A simple jar and bottle opener

One tool that balances the initiative back into your favour is the Jar and Bottle Grip Opener This tool gives your hands a much higher level of grip on awkward jar and bottle tops, effectively moulding across the contours and so providing you with much stronger leverage.

Person using blue aid for the kitchen to open plastic bottle

The simple-to-use device comes into its own for any users with a weakened grip or decreased sensation in their hands, particularly for those stubborn bottles and jars – where for some reason only known to them, the manufacturer has decided to attach with a vice-like grip, as if wanting to protect the precious contents from any human intervention! 

At just over £3, (inclusive of VAT), this product will be your go-to for any stuck bottle or jar tops, but there’s more… it can also be very versatile for allowing you to open doors or turn any taps around the home.

A ring pull opener

For ring-pull cans, which can also be a source of difficulty and requires a lot of effort to open, the Ring Pull Can Opener can really help if you struggle.

Kitchen tool

This handy little tool allows you to get straight under the ring of the pull and leverage the lid off with only a fraction of the effort and without straining your hands or fingers. 

It just makes life a little easier in the kitchen and hopefully alleviates some of the hardship with such simple tasks.

Where to get good kitchen aids

For a number of other good ideas to make food prep and cooking easier in the kitchen, you can take a look at a larger range of products here. Enjoy cooking or baking and I hope you find these suggestions of value.

Phil Ashforth is a staff writer for Mobility Smart, an online retailer of health, well-being and mobility equipment to help you recover from injury and recuperation, or just help solve your mobility issues in normal daily life, you’ll find their website here.

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