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There’s nothing worse than feeling the cold indoors. After braving the elements on the school run, or your daily dog walk, you want your home to be a place where you can step inside, and feel cosy and warm fairly quickly.

Once the nights draw in from October onwards, it means winter is just around the corner. Time to get out the warm throws for the sofa, and to take steps to make sure your house stays problem-free during the winter. Make sure that the cold stays firmly outside, while you stay snug and warm inside. 

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Keep your body warm

Even while you are indoors, putting something on your feet is helpful while you are busy in the kitchen. The kitchen tiles are so cold on your feet.

An additional pair of warm socks or slippers acts as a barrier to the cold travelling up your body.  If your feet are cold, generally you feel uncomfortable. Constantly having chilly feet can lead to chilblains and bad circulation. 

When you arrive home, you will naturally remove your outer clothing, coats and hats. It’s good to keep a body warmer on, and also a scarf until you feel toasty enough to discard them. If your neck is warm, it goes a long way to helping the rest of your body cope with any chills.

Stop you feeling the cold

We rely on a variety of fuels to keep our homes warm. Back in the day, coal was the number one commodity. The older generation were no strangers to dealing with dusty open fires and smokey rooms. 

Thankfully now we can choose from’ clean fuel, such as electricity, gas and oil to heat our homes via different types of boilers, radiators and heaters. No need for feeling cold.

But to ensure a continuous supply of heat to our property, it’s wise to get these things cleaned and serviced at the end of the summer by professional tradesmen such as heating engineers and a gas fitter in preparation for the colder months ahead. 

The heating extras

There are so many other little ways you can ensure your home stays cosy. Draught excluders work wonders at keeping chilly air from coming in under the gap in the doors.  Good thick curtains, serve as a barrier to the cold from the windows. A lovely thick door curtain over that ill-fitting door will ensure there is no cold air seeping into your hallway and up the stairs. 

A soft woolly throw on the sofa and chairs is a cosy addition. Lay it over your legs in the evenings. Children too generally love to be warm whilst watching TV

Leave internal doors open, so that warm air can circulate. Especially in places like the bathroom. A well-fitting window blind will go some way to keeping out cold air, which inevitably escapes into rooms that are less well-used than others. 

With a little thought and pre-planning, by ensuring that you have the best combi boiler and it is serviced regularly, and your house has adequate draught proofing, you can be sure that your home and your family stay cosy and warm indoors during the chilly winter months.

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