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If you are starting to worry about keeping warm this winter, especially with the energy bills being so high, fuel bills remaining high and the costs of food increasing week on week then here are some tips to help.

Keep the right areas warm

It is important to leave space between your layers to keep your body warm. Tuck your top or vest in if necessary but it shouldn’t be skin-tight or it will not keep you warm. Ensure your jumper or hoodie is loose enough to allow airflow underneath it but not so loose that it is hanging off you and letting the cold in.

The extremities of your body are important to keep warm and this includes your nipples. If you do not wear a bra you will be colder. If you are doing sport wear a supportive sports bra otherwise simply a comfortable well-fitting bra is perfect.

Spolier: This isn’t me, I wish I had a body like that!

Having warm hands and feet is also important as you lose a lot of heat through these and simply by wearing slippers, you could be so much warmer in the house. Wearing sliders in the house might be comfy but it definitely won’t keep you warm. If you don’t want to wear slippers then at least opt for trainers!

Your head is another area you should keep warm, this doesn’t necessarily mean you should wear a hat in the house however a warm knitted headband could be perfect at helping you keep warm in. Alternatively, if you are a bit chilly put your hoodie hood up for a while.

Teenage boy in warm autumn adidas clothes

Choose fabrics well

Some fabrics are better than others for keeping warm. Wool and silk are both perfect for cold weather if you are looking for natural fibres. When looking at manmade fabrics you should opt for ones which remove moisture from the skin.

Consider items designed for exercise as they are perfect for moisture wicking. Polyester is perfect for this, items like a football shirt would work well. These are all best as a base layer, under your clothes so opt for something thin that can easily be tucked in.

When choosing winter clothing for indoors you should choose insulating clothes such as jumpers, hoodies and fleece items. If you are worried about looking good these don’t have to be jogging bottoms, they can be fleece tights if you prefer.

When you go out hoodies and jumpers are perfect if you are not in the elements such as wind or rain but instead in the car or in shops. If you are planning on being outside with rain and wind you need a proper coat that will repel the rain and keep you warm in the wind.

My favourites to keep warm

I always seem to feel the cold before anyone else in our house. The way I deal with this is to wear layers. I usually wear a standard bra and knickers with thermal socks and slippers.

Then I wear a vest top followed by a t-shirt type top and a fleece hoodie. Sometimes I wear leggings but often when it is really cold I prefer tracksuit style bottoms, the fleece ones not the thin ones!

Usually, once September comes, and definitely by October, I am living in hoodies. I think I own about 15 different hoodies in various colours and have shared a few in this article! They are an absolute lifesaver when it comes to keeping me warm and if I have to pop out in the car they are perfect then too!

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