The JML copper stone frying pans were sent to me in return for a review. This article contains my honest experiences.

I love cooking as my regular readers will know, but I am also a bit of a cheapskate! I only buy new saucepans and frying pans when I need them and never buy anything expensive because I never thought they were any better than the cheap ones!

When I was asked to test out the JML Copper Stone frying pans I was a little unsure as I was convinced they were just going to be the same as cheap ones with a hefty price tag!

JML copper stone pans

JML Copper stone pans – Non-Stick? Scratch Resistant? Dynamic Heat Dispersion?

These frying pans profess to be non-stick and scratch-resistant, well don’t all frying pans nowadays but after a few uses, they never are!

Well, I have been using these now most days for about a fortnight and really put them through their paces and so far nothing at all has stuck!

I have washed them well each time and there are no marks on them at all!

JML copper stone pan full of chilli

I made chilli in the largest pan with no oil or even spray oil and it was absolutely fine even with 5% fat mince which we all know sometimes sticks due to its low-fat content!

The heat definitely seemed to spread out well compared to normal and it cooked much quicker and more evenly.

pile of JML copper stone pans

I fried mushrooms and tomatoes with no oil/spray oil knowing they wouldn’t stick. I was a bit complacent knowing they wouldn’t stick and forgot about them and they burnt! They didn’t stick though so that was a bonus!

frying mushrooms and tomato

I cooked an omelette in the 24cm pan without any oil or even spray oil and as you can see it cooked perfectly.

It was the nicest omelette I have ever made and it didn’t stick at all. It cooked evenly throughout and completely changed my mind about whether more expensive pans are worth the money!

Other things I have used the pans to fry are scrambled eggs, bacon, sliced mushrooms, a mixed vegetable stir fry, sausages, fried eggs, and even Quorn which is notoriously bad for sticking when I use it!

None of those foods stuck to the pan either and none needed any kinds of oils.

frying an omelette

Would I recommend them?

I have surprised myself in all honesty but yes I really would recommend these. They clearly will last well and for £19.99-£29.99 each or £69.99 for the 3 with a glass lid for the 28cm pan I think that given how many cheaper pans it is easy to go through they are well worth the cost.

They are available from Amazon with free delivery and of course, that can be the next day if you have Amazon Prime.

pile of JML copper stone pans

We were sent JML copper stone pans in 20cm, 24cm and 28cm pan with a lid free of charge for the purposes of this review however all views are my own.

Selection available of JML copper stone pans

JML Pans Update 8 months on

Whilst the pans are still pretty good they do have some scratches now and are not as non-stick as they once were. I am still quite impressed with them however do usually need some spray oil now with them to prevent sticking.

JML pans 2 years on

These stuck more and more so I replaced them with some Judge pans, I already had a Judge wok which I have had no issues with for over a year so invested in some matching pans.

I will keep you updated on how well these last but I feel they will last better than the copper stone pans did already but time will tell.

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  1. I am not sure when we first noticed the pan discolouring in the middle and losing non-stick capability even with oil in pan, but like the author’s experience, two years on (probably less) and it is useless.
    The promo video shows cheese omelette, caramel, plastic being over-cooked and sliding off and a blow torch heating it to 350.
    We didn’t use it with any metal implements even though the video shows someone rubbing a 50p hard into the surface.
    There is no copper, it’s steel base with aluminium sides and the non-stick later seems to last less time than any similarly priced teflon type non-stick pan. Don’t be fooled by the egg sliding off with no oil routine.
    So far JML have suggested we gently rub bicarb/white vinegar to remove the discolouration – well it has just highlighted the dimples from the bottom layer so clearly there is no non-stick lining left there to clean. A bit of seasoning is not going to cure this thing that is fit for the bin faster than the type of pans they claim to be superior to.

  2. 9 months in, my most used pan is looking far blacker than than my least used one. It really seems that it is flaking. Quite disappointed. Anyone else had the same experience?

  3. I bought a set of saucepans, which re also non-stick , the medium one surface has worn, I do cook daily but expected a MUCH longer life than 9months appointed

  4. I’ve used one fir a year and I’m going to buy all 3, I spent £400 on pans/ frying pans, pro cook, what a waste of money that was, even the knifes I bought from pro cook are rubbish, the pans are ceramic pro cook, stay well clear

  5. Been using them for almost 2 years no scratches and still non stick as ever. I used mild soap with soft sponge to clean every time after cooking. I do season them every now and then just like other non-stick pans and they really last.

  6. They claim its SCRATCH PROOF …. Utter Rubbish ….. after 6 months ours is full of scratches and our spatulas are mostly silicone apart from the odd wooden ones !!!!!!!

    1. I bought the three fry pans, he smallest and medium is used most, the larger still ok used it about 10 times I twelve months. The smaller two are darker and absolutely useless. The coating has come off around the lip of the pan. I have never used any metal in them nor used a dishwasher or scoured. The underside of the pans are etched and worn. The copper finish on the outside has chipped off. I have an induction hob. no scratches on it so I do not understand how the pans are messed up underneath. I should have learned my lesson having bought from jml I the past. Absolute cheap garbage from China that has an expiry built in… Nowhere on jml can I find how long the guarantee is apart from a thirty day money back. Utter con! Utter tat!

  7. If your food is sticking to the pan,then you must be doing something wrong, never had any problems with my one.