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After flicking through the amazing gallery at Haus of Design, thoughts for restyling your kitchen to create your own little work of art will start rushing around your head. But unfortunately, renovating your kitchen when you have a family can leave with so many undesirable choices to make. You may be dreaming of sleek marble countertops and hardwood tables and chairs, yet your clumsy accident-prone child could seriously hurt themselves meaning you eventually have to think about letting go of the idea completely. However, you don’t always have to pick between design and practicality as you can actually find a way of incorporating both factors to truly get the most out of your kitchen, and keep every member of your family (including you) happy in the process!

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Safety First

The first and most important thing to consider both during the process of creating your kitchen and the final end product is the safety of your family. Especially if your children are still in their first few years, they’re not likely to be able to understand the various dangers that come with renovating or identify all of the risks inside your new kitchen. Bare this in mind at all times, as you never want to put your offspring in any danger that could ultimately be prevented. Avoid any unnecessary sharp corners and fittings, especially those that fall below your hip as these will pose the biggest risk to your little ones. Ensure that they understand each step of the process, and explain the different dangers before you allow them to play inside for the first time. Dedicate the lower draws to your kids dishes and cutlery, so they can reach in and grab it themselves and have their own little accessible and safe corner of the kitchen. Keep sharp knives or any other possibly harmful equipment in the ‘parent’ drawers and cupboards higher up the wall so that they are not able to easily get to them.

Bright And Inviting

By installing some really good quality lighting, you can transform the entire space to make it more inviting and exciting. Go for something whiter, but not too sterile else it can start to feel a little cold and icy. A great and functional place to integrate some new light fittings is underneath wall mounted cupboards to engulf your countertops in light. Not only will this look chic and modern, it will also assist your attention to detail when cooking, allowing you to make an even better quality meal. To gain a different atmosphere once the kids have gone to bed, invest in some candles to provide ambience and a more relaxed mood for late night dining.

Never Enough Storage

You can never have enough storage in a family kitchen, but it can be hard to think of a way to make this look aesthetically pleasing at the same time. There are many unique and creative ways to create storage space in your kitchen, so try and think outside the box rather than just lining your walls with rows of cupboards. Installing a shelf above your window will allow you to keep any little pieces of kitchen equipment out of the way, and look so unique and innovative too. Try hanging pots and pans above your cooker unit in order to maximise space and efficiency whilst bring a rustic and contemporary look to your kitchen.

Make An Island

If your kitchen doesn’t have an island already, you should definitely consider including one. Not only will it add to your design, but it will also act as a centrepiece to bring your room and family together. A dining area is a vital part of a kitchen, and installing one that will allow your guests to be closer to the action when you’re cooking is a great addition to any room that sees a lot f social gatherings. It’s also great for breakfast with the family in the morning, as its much more functional than using a table in a different room.

These tips should help you create the best family kitchen, that suits both your own and your children’s wants and needs. Aim to take every factor into consideration when designing your new room, and remember that the kitchen is the heart of the house, so it must be comfortable and inviting to ensure you can make the most of enjoying the space. Whether you want something rustic, or something modern and technological, you will be able to create an amazing family space that everyone will love.

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