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As smart technology and automation becomes more and more prevalent within UK homes, people increasingly see the benefits this can have and not just for the ease of turning on and off different appliances around the house.

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Adjusting the lighting and heating from an app in your home benefits this type of home installation service. However, using smart technology and automation when you are away from home is when this technology really earns its price tag.

This post looks at the different ways smart technology and automation can secure your home when you are away.

Smart Controlled Sensors

With smartphone-controlled sensors, you can detect movement everywhere in the house. Home sensors can detect your presence when you enter or exit the house, and you can even mount them on doors and windows for further security. You will receive warnings whenever the system detects any motion by enabling these sensors. In this manner, no matter where you are, you can stay alert in the event of a break-in.


One of the key giveaways that someone is home is the use of lighting around the home. Using an app while you are away, you can turn lights on and off to give the presence that someone is home. Alternatively, some setups allow you to automatically set lights to come on and turn off at predetermined times.

This is a useful deterrent, but when used in conjunction with other home security measures such as storage for high-value items or a security alarm system, securing your home can be even more useful.


The good news is that new security cameras are continually being introduced to the market. This means that the number of options available is expanding, and they are becoming more affordable. Modern smart cameras use wi-Fi to connect to your smartphone. You’ll be able to monitor your home using a live stream once you’ve connected. So keep an eye on who enters and exits your home while you are away.

Depending on the set-up you choose and options available, you can initiate a response to unauthorised access to your home using an app or a service where a control centre contacts police to alert them of a break-in.

Glass Break Sensors

Glass break sensors are an excellent addition to any home security system, particularly if you have many windows. You will be notified whenever the sensor detects the distinctive sound that glass produces when it breaks. In this manner, you can investigate what might have happened or if someone broke into the house while you were away.

Smart Door Locks

Some smart door locks are compatible with smart home systems like Nest and Apple HomeKit. As a result, you may configure the lock to switch on or off lights when it is locked, and so on. So it’s simple to make it appear as if you’re at home while you’re not. Especially good if you have a house that is empty for example due to probate etc.

While these products can provide you with excellent security options, it may not be that you need them all and choosing the right products to work alongside a smart set-up you have such as Nest, Hive or your Alexa or Google devices can enhance your protection even more.

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