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We may be coming into spring weather right now, but it doesn’t mean that the weather will always play ball the way that you hope it will. It could be a bright and sunny day outside but that doesn’t mean that the evening won’t be chilly. It also doesn’t mean that the inside of the house will remain warm all day, either. Keeping your home warm whatever the season is important.

You need to think about living as comfortably as possible, and that means making your home warm all day long. Avoid the surge of heating bills and stop putting the radiators on all day long, but you do want to be able to sit comfortably no matter what you do.

Cosy fire to keep your home warn

You deserve to be able to enjoy your house as you want, without being cash strapped and cold. So, how can you make your house a cosier one? How can you ensure that your day to day activity isn’t compromised by needing to wrap up warm as much as possible? I’ve put together some of the best ways that you can keep your house warm no matter the time of year!

Time your boiler

Did you know that your boiler has a timer function? You can be smart with it and time it. Do this so that it runs at a higher temperature first thing in the morning. Turn it off when you don’t need the heating on, such as when you are out of the house. If you schedule it to come on around half an hour before you wake up in the morning, your home will be warm. When you start the day warm you can start feeling good the moment you’re up!

Shuffle the furniture to keep your home warm

It may be effective in the way you use your rooms in how you organize your furniture. It’s never going to be a good idea to place furniture in front of radiators in the house. First of all, the furniture can be ruined if it’s sitting in front of something hot all day. Secondly, there’s no space for the hot air to escape if you are blocking the radiators with large furniture pieces. Instead, you need to move the furniture out of the way and ensure that the heat can properly circulate.

Add blinds to the windows

Whether you have curtains or not, you need to add blinds to the windows of the home. They stop the heat from escaping and prevent the cold air from coming in. There may well be thick curtains, but you need to physically block the glass. Indoor Blinds can make the difference that you need. It’s a good way to insulate the house and help the warmer air to stay inside the house.

Get your heating maintenance team in

If you want to ensure that your house stays warm, you need to make sure that the boiler is actually working. You will be thanking yourself when you have the heating system maintained properly. You should ensure that the air conditioning unit and any outside boxes are working, too.

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