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It occurred to me the other day, as I was putting my boots on to go out and put the bins out, that I won’t be wearing them in public again until the autumn now.

Due to my hospital admission at new year, I need to stay in for 12 weeks to be shielded from the risk of getting ill. That does, however, mean I don’t have to wear a bra, can wear mismatched clothes and not wear makeup and no one will know.

Wardrobe full of colourful clothes
wardrobe clothes shoes bag in one place

Who am I kidding, I never wear makeup anyway! The others however are things I have resorted to! It is most definitely time for a wardrobe clear out and given the number of posts I have seen on social media asking if charity shops are open I am sure I am not the only one with this idea.

Sorting your summer wardrobe – 7 tops tips

Be realistic about weight loss

If it doesn’t fit, and won’t unless you lose more than 3 stone then get rid of it. There is very little chance you will fit into it this summer and let’s face it when it does eventually fit will you wear it anyway?

Put aside clothes to sell

Put good quality items aside to sell on eBay. Whilst now isn’t the ideal time to be selling clothes we do not know what will change in the next few months. If you have space put any designer or good quality stuff aside to sell.

Ill fitting shoes shouldn’t be in your summer wardrobe

Shoes – are they comfortable? If they are not then will you ever actually wear them? I got rid of loads of shoes recently as I realised I would never actually wear them!

Do you need that dress?

Do you ever go anywhere you could wear ‘the’ dress? I am terrible for this, buying dresses I love but never actually wear. The reality is if you buy a clubbing type dress but never go clubbing will you ever have a reason to wear it? If you won’t then why are you even keeping it?

Remove unwanted gifts from your summer wardrobe

Was it a gift you don’t want? If you have clothes you were given and know you will not wear then don’t keep them out of guilt. It is not your fault someone bought you something that is unflattering, not your style or just doesn’t fit. Get rid of it and use that space in your summer wardrobe for something you do like!

Don’t be too ruthless, we are in the UK!

Are they suitable for the season? It is ok thinking that it is summer you only need shorts and skirts but we still need trousers too. We are in the UK after all! Women’s trousers are a staple part of a wardrobe and there are lovely ones which work for all weathers. Don’t be too hasty in moving them to your winter wardrobe and if you don’t have any suitable ones then buy some for the summer. You won’t regret it when the colder days come!

Remember the bags!

If you have bags that go particularly well with certain dresses why not hang the bag with them in the wardrobe so you don’t forget?

Do you have any tips?

What are your top tips for a summer wardrobe? Do you have a big sort-out twice a year or just different sections of your wardrobe for different seasons? Does anyone have an amazing wardrobe I would be jealous of? The picture at the top sadly isn’t my wardrobe, I wish it was!

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