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I love working from home and find that it fits my laid back lifestyle perfectly. I can drink as much coffee as I like, be in for parcels and never miss a sports day. Perfect in my eyes. Here I thought I would share with you five ways being at home is more comfortable than an office.

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5 Reasons why working at home is more comfortable

When you work at home you can take as many screen breaks as you need to and actually have other things to do in your breaks. I love that in my screen breaks I can put the washing on, have a nap or even relax in the bath!

Whilst at home you are your own boss and can relax and do things at your own speed which is great there is a slight disadvantage in that you don’t have a receptionist! It would be nice sometimes to have someone else answer my phone or sort out my emails!

The office furniture is your choice. You can have hard-wearing concrete furniture if you like. I, however, opt for comfort and have three screens on the go at once and am currently on the hunt for the perfect comfy chair! Not only that but you don’t have to share your printer!

The temperature is your choice. You don’t have to worry about your colleagues hot flushes or the chap who is always cold. Your office temperature can be exactly what you feel comfortable at!

Am I working in pyjamas? Am I wearing a bra? The people I liaise with by email don’t know this. I can work in whatever I feel comfortable in and there is no one to stop me!

A few disadvantages in working from home

Unfortunately there are a few disadvantages I have found in working from home so I thought I would be open and share those too.

It is easy to get distracted and forget how much you have to do when the TV is calling!

If you are self employed there are no big office Christmas parties which can be a bit sad. On the other hand you don’t feel obliged to add to collections for everyone having babies, getting married etc so every cloud has a silver lining.

Everyone thinks you don’t have much on so can do them a favour! Despite having a lot of work on it is easy for others to think you have all the time in the world to do things and call on you for favours.

Do you work from home or an office? Do you have any other thoughts I have not shared? Which do you prefer?

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