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Any parent will tell you that it can feel like the list of health-related checks and admin never seems to end.

Just as you finally cross one item off, you’ll get a ping reminder that your daughter is due for a dental check-up, or you’ll remember that you were really supposed to talk to the GP about that issue that has been keeping you up at night.

nd any parent will tell you that it can be so easy to get distracted, especially when there’s a new issue arising every few minutes.

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But you can’t forget about your own health when you’re rushing around trying to make sure that your kids are all squared away. Things always feel a little bit more manageable in the summer.

It gets a little bit easier to claw some time back. That means that you can start getting around to all of those tasks, appointments, and better habits that you’ve been putting off.

Don’t Put Off Going To The Dentist

Taking the kids to the dentist isn’t a stress-free activity. But the truth is that there are plenty of parents out there who are just as eager to avoid that dentist chair as their children are. It certainly doesn’t help that it’s been so difficult to find a local dentist to register with in recent months.

There have been a lot of horror stories in the news about waiting lists and anyone who has moved to a new city will be wondering whether it’s even worth trying to register at a new practice. But you just can’t neglect your teeth.

Remember that any problems don’t go away if you ignore them, and in fact, they may get a lot worse. A dentist can also notice if any other issues are going on that you may have missed, including cancer.

Don’t Neglect Your Eyes

Doesn’t it seem like there are so many excuses you can make for your eyes? You can just tell yourself that you’re tired, or you’ve not been wearing your glasses enough, or that you’ve spent too long looking at screens today.

Just because any or all of those statements might be true, that doesn’t mean that you’re not overdue a trip to the opticians or an upgrade to your glasses or contact lenses.

It’s recommended by Silver & Rose Opticians & Audiology that you get your eyesight checked every two years even if you don’t notice any changes to keep getting the support that you need. Spend some time on that health admin today.

And if you’re getting fed up with the same old daily contact lenses, why not look for ones that give you more comfort and consistency? Biofinity Toric lenses can be worn for up to 29 nights continuously, and they remain soft and moist to keep your eyes comfortable.

If you want to learn more and browse a range of contact lenses, visit Lenstore. They have a range of resources and friendly customer service to help you find the perfect match for your eyes.

Go And See A Physio If You Need To

Every parent knows that you’re going to get some aches and pains. It’s such a cliché that anyone over the age of 30 will be complaining about their back, for example. And given that a lot of people are working from home at least a few days a week, you may also be dealing with a home office set-up that is less than ideal.

In an ideal world, everyone would have the time and energy to do an hour of lovely calming yoga every morning and evening to ensure that they are stretching properly and re-centring. But when you’re doing a full-time job and taking care of your kids, finding that zen slot in the day is not always possible.

Living with muscle, joint or nerve pain can be brutal, and it can seriously disrupt your sleep (which parents know is a precious commodity). Look for a physiotherapist in your local area. Paying for a sports massage may seem like a luxury. But it’s an excellent investment in your spine! They can also talk you through simple exercises that you can do at home.

Don’t Put Off Seeing Your GP

It’s not just the dentists who are struggling with long waiting times. There have been so many stories about long waits to see a GP recently that it would be easy to tell yourself that there is no point in even trying. Whilst this health admin takes time it is still really important.

Even if you have fallen prey to this, you must know that it’s really not a good idea. Your kids’ health will always come first but you can’t neglect your own health in the process. If you have something serious enough to make you wonder whether you should chase your GP for an on-the-day appointment, it is always better to have it looked at.

At the very least, you can talk through your worries on a phone appointment with someone who will tell you whether they want to see you in person or not. The last thing you want is to be left wishing that you had talked to a doctor sooner.

Consider Talking To A Therapist

Finally, remember that as the old advert says, it’s good to talk. Every day seems like it’s bringing us something else to be stressed about at the moment so it’s hardly surprising that we’ve needed to discuss our mental health more.

Parents can feel like they just need to push those feelings of stress and anxiety down. They tell themselves that this is what they signed up for and that every parent feels like this sometimes. But all those feelings that get pushed down and ignored will find a way to get out sooner or later.

Everyone deserves to get the help they need with their mental health, that’s the bottom line. It might be time to think about having a chat with a therapist if you feel like you’re struggling. Many therapists offer introductory sessions so that you can talk about what you’re looking for and whether it’s the right fit.

Do you have other health admin that you need to do that I may not have mentioned? Do let me know in the comments below.

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