Have you heard the phrase, heat the person not the home? There is no denying that we are all feeling the pressure of rising costs at the moment and energy is predicted to be a huge outlay. By heating the person not the home you are avoiding heating unused spaces.

This is leaving people who are already struggling with a big decision to make in terms of their heating. When to switch it on? How to keep the costs down while also ensuring that the family stays warm.

While we shouldn’t really be faced with this sort of decision, it is the reality for many people, so I wanted to share with you some of the best ways that you can heat the person and not the home. Helping you to reduce the amount of time you may switch your heating on. 

Hot water bottles 

Hot water bottles are a great option to consider when it comes to heating the person not your home. While there will be an initial energy cost to consider such as boiling the kettle, heating water on a hob or even using your hot water from the tap, once it is inside your hot water bottle it stays warm for a considerable amount of time.

You can sit and cuddle it, place it under blankets where you are sitting or even put it in your bed before you want to get into it to go to sleep. 

From 1st October in the UK the price cap will mean a 3kw kettle costs up to 6.5p per litre of water boiled. So 13p for a 2 litre hot water bottle.

Yoou can buy a basic hot water bottle with a cosy cover for around £8.

Layering your clothes

Layers are going to be significantly important to help keep you warm during the winter months. It might be time to invest in some thermals if you can.

These will keep you warm underneath your other clothes. If you don’t want to spend, then consider a thin base layer such as a vest or t-shirt, then a sweater or jumper, and you could even put a cardigan or gilet over that.

The more layers you can comfortably wear, the warmer you will be, a great way to heat the person and still do all the usual things you enjoy doing at home. 

Eat regularly and have at least one hot meal a day

It goes without saying that you need to eat regularly to stay warm. Hunger is linked with feeling cold and low energy levels. Keep up with your regular main meals and also snacks where you can.

Try and ensure you have at least one hot meal a day. If you are worried about energy costs, you can switch the oven on and cook many different things at the same time.

Or appliances like an air fryer or slow cooker have been proven to be cheaper on your energy usage. Remember heat the person includes hot food!

Keep your feet warm

If your feet are cold., then the rest of your body is going to feel it. So if you can keep your feet warm.

Use thick socks or wear slippers in your home, or keep your feet covered with a blanket when you are sitting down and relaxing. 

I have these slippers and they are so warm and comfortable.

Put your feet up 

There is no doubt that the coldest part of your home will be the downstairs floor. Heat rises but it will still be felt underfoot.

So you need to keep your feet up where possible. When sitting down put your feet up and if you are working try and raise your feet a little. It will stop the cold from hitting you where you will feel it most and aim to keep you warm. 

Sleeping bags in your living room

We never expected that we would be using sleeping bags for anything other than a camping holiday but they can be a great way to keep warm in your home.

If you are sitting watching tv in the living room, then you could sit down and snuggle into a sleeping bag. It will definitely keep you warm.

You could also add a hot water bottle on a particularly cold evening. You will feel cosy and warm, a great way to heat the person, and it can stop you from needing to heat your home. 

Keep moving 

It is important that you keep moving where possible. The more you move, the more the blood is being pumped around your body and therefore keeping you warm.

If you usually exercise, why not do a workout at home and take advantage of feeling warm?

You could also keep moving by walking up and down the stairs a few times. The aim is to raise your heart rate a little and get that blood pumping.

Get help with your bills 

Finally, if you are struggling with your energy bills right now please don’t suffer in silence. There is help out there. Speak to your energy provider, your local council, or Citizen’s Advice and find out if there is anything that can be done to help. 

I hope these tips will help you to focus on heating the person rather than the home. Try to ensure you are warm all winter, even if your home isn’t.

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