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Yours Clothing is a popular plus-size brand for women of all ages. It is one of my go-to brands so working with them was a great opportunity. I am sharing my favourite autumn wear from Yours.

If you read my recent post about my new body confidence and how I am much more accepting of the way I look you will understand why I was so excited to work with Yours and get some new clothes!

What is my style? what clothes do I like?

I really do have a bit of a mixed style and since I have become more body confident and realised my own choices I have bought some unique items. As a survivor of domestic abuse, it has taken a long time to realise that I can truly wear what I like and to start to discover my own style.

I love my bright leggings as I shared with you before and colourful clothes including bright hoodies. That said, I also love jeans and black trousers and most of all love to be comfortable. I rarely wear heels and often wear trainers or ballet pump-type shoes but have fancied some Doc Martin-style boots for a while.

Which clothes did I choose from Yours?

I was really spoilt for choice when looking for clothes to try from the range of autumn wear from Yours. Initially one of the items I chose was a jumpsuit but I had to return this as I was just too tall and wrongly shaped for it and it really didn’t flatter me at all! The following items I settled on and absolutely love!

Blue ripped cord shacket

I spend a lot of time working in my office or in the car so prefer light jackets to thick coats quite often. This blue ripped cord shacket is lovely and so comfortable. Whilst I wore it here with blue jeans it goes well with black leggings too.

In the photo, it looks a slightly different blue to that in real life. It is a little more teal than the photos show and not as similar as it looks to the blue jeans.

This will definitely be one of my go-to jackets for the autumn. It is available in sizes 16-32 and is £36.99 from Yours in a selection of colours. This is great for autumn wear from Yours as it works for all weathers!

Black throw-on Maxi Dress

I don’t often wear a dress but when I do I want it to be comfortable! This black throw-on dress is just that. It is perfect for a nice comfortable dress after swimming, at the gym or even an operation. At times like this, you want to feel good but wear something loose and comfortable and this dress is perfect for that.

If all of that isn’t enough to make you see how much I love this dress, this will, it has pockets! Comfortable pockets that are a decent size and so useful! Honestly, I could not love this dress any more than I already do! It is available from Yours for £26.99 and in sizes from 14 to 36 in a selection of colours.

If you are interested the bag is from Vendula London and is called the Gin Bar phone wallet and is absolutely gorgeous and by far my favourite bag now! The ballet pumps are also Yours!

Black Pelted Faux Fur Gilet

As I said earlier I love jackets you can just slip on so this gilet was definitely one for me and it is so blooming soft it is unreal! I would go with pretty much anything and is definitely something I think I will be seen in a lot this autumn and winter. Probably in the house a lot too as I am always cold and the increase in energy prices won’t help!

The faux fur gilet is £49.99 from Yours and is available in sizes 14 to 36 and in black or stone.

I do smile but Ben seemed to only take my photos when I wasn’t smiling!

Black Vegan Faux Leather Lace Up Ankle Boots In Extra Wide EEE Fit

I love shoes and boots from Yours as I have big feet (blooming genetics!) and sometimes find it hard to find shoes that I love that fit well and have never had any issues with those from Yours. These ankle boots are no exception. They are comfortable and well made and vegan faux leather which I love too.

The boots have a zip up the inside so the laces are for show more than functional. That said I have ordered myself some bright coloured laces to swap them to because I love a bit of colour! They are available for £39.99 from Yours and available in sizes 5EEE to 10EEE.

What do you think of my choice of autumn wear from Yours? Do you have any favourites from the items I have chosen? Let me know in the comments below. Did you know the variety of sizes available at Yours? Maybe you will check them out for your next wardrobe essentials. Or perhaps just to treat yourself for the autumn?

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