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I love the idea of unusual houses. Do you watch programs like Grand Designs and wonder if you could live in a house like the ones on there. I thought I would share with you some unusual home ideas and what I think about them. Do comment and let me know your thoughts too.

Modern home with massive glass windows

A windmill

My mum and stepdad live in a windmill. It is amazing but I hadn’t realised the upkeep required. They need to paint tar on the windmill every few years to ensure it stays waterproof. I can assure you it is a messy and long job. The rooms are often circular in a windmill which makes choosing furniture interesting.

My parent’s windmill is not a working windmill of course though and does not have the sails anymore. Whilst that would look amazing it would be something else to keep maintained.

A converted shipping container

Have you seen the bizarre and wonderful houses people make from converted shipping containers? I think they are amazing and often wonder when I see shipping containers for sale if it would work for us. Containers sell lots so well worth looking if you are considering it.

I am not sure how the windows work though maybe as an extra building to a house, it would be perfect. I could measure up the garden and use one for a “she shed” for all my clutter!

An underground house

I love the look of underground homes where all the light comes from above. The idea of being secluded underground is amazing. How fun would it be to have your garden actually on top of your house?

Apparently, underground houses are warmer so save money on heating so which is a positive too.

On the side of a hill

Have you seen those houses that stick out from the side of a hill or mountain? They look amazing but I am not sure if my stomach would like the views! How about you?

Could you imagine moving in? How on earth would you get your furniture into the house? How would the postman deliver your mail? How would you get anywhere? It sounds amazing but is a bit of a nightmare in some ways too.

A glass house

I would love to live in a full glass house, the light in it would be amazing but I am not sure how easy it would be to keep it warm in the winter. How much cleaning would it require? It would look amazing when it snows though don’t you think?

An eco-friendly house

Have you seen the houses which are self-reliant generating their own electricity and do not need to link to the national grid? I find these so fascinating but also quite ingenious too. I guess you would still need to have a backup plan, you know in case we have a heat wave in the UK and no wind! I know it is unlikely but I like to be optimistic!

Pinterest pin of a stunning open plan living room with white furniture

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