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Since I started blogging initially as a hobby I have found it has turned into a full-time job for me. I earn reasonably well from it now and have had some great experiences due to it. Here I thought I would share with you 5 reasons I work so hard like motivational factors if you will.

It may give you a bit more insight into who I am or may inspire you to do something to work for yourself. Avoid MLM’s in my opinion though, you will never be rich with those!

5 Reasons I work so hard for myself, my laptop

To show Ben anyone can achieve anything

I love that I have built my blog up from scratch myself. This is something I am keen for Ben to see and if you put your mind to it you can achieve your dreams.

So I can retire rich

Ok, this is probably never going to happen but I figure if I work really hard now then when I am old and wrinkly I will be able to retire in a life of luxury. I want to be able to travel and have a great time even when I am a pensioner. If I work hard enough in my younger years maybe this will be possible.

To save for my dreams

I have so many dreams and if I can earn enough then maybe one day those dreams will become reality. When I see villas for sale in Portugal for example I would love to be able to just go and view and buy one. If I keep working hard who knows if that dream will come true?

Because I am proud of myself

I love to work hard as I am so proud of what I have achieved. I am always looking at the amazing opportunities my blog brings me and without hard work that wouldn’t have happened. For this reason, I continue to work hard as you just don’t know what amazing opportunities are around the corner.

To show people from my past

So many people in my past told me I would amount to nothing. All those people who put me down I would love to day look me up on the internet and find what a success I have made of myself.

The fact that one day they may do this really inspires me to push myself as hard as I can. Imagine if my ex-husband who treated me so badly was to look me up out of nosiness and find I have achieved so much.

The only person I wish I could prove myself to is my Dad who never wanted to know me and even once accused me unfairly of being after his money which was never the case.

When he passed away I lost the opportunity to prove to him I am worth so much more than he ever gave me credit for. His loss though. I love my life and never needed him in it anyway!

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