Those who have followed my blog for a while will probably have read previous posts I have written about my Dad. If you haven’t and wish to before reading this feel free they are here:

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My Dad passed away yesterday. I often find it rather therapeutic to write down my feelings so I am doing it here. Maybe if anyone else has had similar experiences it will bring them some comfort to feel less alone too. I am lucky that my stepdad is amazing and a great father figure to me though of course, it is never the same.

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Dear Dad,

I know that once you loved me, the photos show that. When I was young I know you carried me on your shoulders and you fell asleep with me in your arms. I have photos of you smiling with me and genuinely looking happy.

Things changed between you and my mum I know that and we didn’t see each other again until I was an adult. I tried to be your little girl still. I tried to be everything you would want and for you to love me.

For whatever reason, I will never know you couldn’t do that. Maybe in your own way, you did love me I don’t know.

A small child sitting  with her father on the floor playing with toys

I want you to know that despite the fact I respected your wishes and didn’t keep trying to make contact when you made it clear you didn’t want it, I always loved you.

You are my Dad and half of my DNA comes from you. I don’t know what I got from you because I never knew you well enough to know much about your personality. I don’t know if there is anything about Ben that has come from you, I hope so.

I knew you were ill and secretly hoped that you would suddenly call me out of the blue or make some kind of contact because you wouldn’t want to leave things like this.

That wasn’t to be the case though. I think you must have known you didn’t have long left despite only being 64 and still chose to keep your distance from me.

A young girl sitting on her father\'s shoulders

Part of me wants to come and see you and hold you tight and have a father-daughter hug I never really had since I was little. Part of me wants to come and see you because I know now you can’t push me away.

Then another part of me wants to yell at you and tell you how much you have hurt me. You really hurt me, Dad, you pushed me away right until the end. As a parent myself I really can not understand that and you are the only person who really knows why. You will never be able to tell me and I will never know.

I loved you Dad, even if you didn’t love me, I always loved you and wanted to be part of your life but now it is over and I have to accept that. Thank you for the cuddles when I was little and I hope you in some way were proud of the woman I grew up to be.

Love always


(he always knew me as Jenny, not Jen!)

A young girl standing with her father looking at him lovingly
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  1. Jen, Condolences on the loss / death of your genetic / biological father. It seems that your relationship with your Dad became distant through his choice / decision. Nice that you have happy memories and photos. Also that you have happy healthy relationship in regards to mother : child relationship and communication.

    I wonder if sadly somehow your father felt he had to let you go :- As you had your life to live elsewhere, and with your step – dad. He may have felt that somehow he would be in the way. You certainly seem to have matured well, seem compassionate and loving. Be Kind to yourself as well as others. Best Wishes!

  2. Oh Jen, this brought tears to my eyes. It is heartbreaking to know that your dad, your parent, hurt you so much. And I’m sorry that you never got to see your Dad and receive the hugs you so wanted and deserved. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  3. In a world where other people actions hurt beyond belief Its often a comfort to reflect on what we do have – the positives cos the negative can eat you up and destroy all that we have. Love will always be present , from your children/child , husbands, and even cyber friends – there’s a lotta love out there for you xx

  4. The biggest, biggest hugs. Sadly just cyber friendship ones, not the daddy daughter ones you need right now.