Surgery is a topic I see come up so often in chats with friends and on social media. We all have parts of our bodies we don’t like, don’t we? Would you go under the knife to change them? What if you could change your looks with non-invasive treatments?

Do you even know what is out there if you did have the money to make these changes? I have numerous parts of my body I don’t like, don’t we all? Would I have anything done about them though, I am not sure. I chatted to some fellow bloggers about their thoughts.

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The upper arms

I hate my arms, even at my thinnest I felt self-conscious about my arms. I am not alone though in this and was pleased to discover a few other bloggers felt the same.

Laura from Wafflemama says hers are really heavy and it would change her life if she had surgery on them.

I am not sure I would be brave enough to have surgery but maybe if I had more money I would change my mind!

The Tummy

I don’t actually dislike my tummy too much, whilst I need to lose weight again I was quite happy with it when I was thinner.

It seems I am quite alone in this with many mums wanting to change their mum tum. Charlie who blogs over at Our Altered Life would definitely love surgery and says “Get me on the bacon slicer”.

Nicole agrees and says she would definitely go for surgery on her tummy after 4 babies. Money, of course, is always the issue, isn’t it?

Sarah says she doesn’t think her husband would be pleased but if it would definitely work and she had the money she would spend it on that too. I guess that is a consideration too with whether you have the money or other priorities!

The nose

I hate my nose it feels so chunky and I would love surgery on it if I wasn’t such a wimp! Not to mention I don’t have the money for a nose job!

Emma hates hers too and has no doubts she would too if she had the money and health for it.

Jenny agrees to say hers even doesn’t do the breathing job right so she would love surgery to sort it both “plumbing and cosmetically”.

Kristine like me is a bit scared. Would you be scared or do you just trust the experts?

Anywhere else?

Rachel hates her knees and would love to change those – I am not sure if there is anything available yet cosmetically for knees is there?

Mary has the same thoughts about her ankles, again I am not sure there is anything to help them yet. Maybe there is a demand for these areas and someone should develop something.

Hollie had liposuction on her legs due to a condition she has and it really changed her life so I guess we have to remember that cosmetic procedures aren’t always just a sign of vanity.

Emma hates her shoulders, actually come to think of it I don’t like mine either. I guess no one loves their body, do they?

What about surgery on our skin?

If you had acne in the past then maybe scars mean you have little confidence and would be looking for a procedure to hide those.

I am fortunate in that I never had acne, I do think though in circumstances like this maybe it is not just a vain thing to want cosmetic help.

Beth is very much in this position and feels if she could have some help to reduce her scars her confidence would improve. Is semi-permanent make-up also considered along similar lines to cosmetic procedures?

Emma and I both hate our fair eyelashes/brows and have those done. Maybe this isn’t that dissimilar to people having non-invasive cosmetic procedures after all.

Should we just love ourselves for who we are?

Whilst we all know that we should love ourselves for who we are it isn’t always that easy, is it? Our mum tums are from carrying a baby so we should be proud of them shouldn’t we?

Claire, a mum to 5 boys, says she wouldn’t have surgery on her tummy as it’s been home to all her boys. Stacy also says she loves what hers symbolises. I try to love myself for who I am but know a lot of my issues wouldn’t be changed by changing my looks. How about you?

Is surgery good to boost confidence?

I suppose everyone is different but if you think it will help and you have the money then why not give it a try. Carla hated her tiny boobs and said her breast surgery on them really improved her confidence.

Below is a body map telling you all the different fat loss treatments available. I didn’t even know most of those existed, did you? Does it make you more likely to consider any kind of help to get the looks you would like?

I still think I wouldn’t choose surgery but I guess if a magic cream could magically change my least favourite areas I would give it a go!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments, would you have surgery? Would you choose a magic cream if it was available?

Body map of cosmetic procedures

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