Do you hate cleaning as much as I do? Personally, I quite like extreme cleaning and getting something really grotty gleaming again but day-to-day cleaning is just so boring isn’t it? Especially the bathroom! I thought I would chat with a few bloggers and share their top tips with you, and a couple I have too.

A shower head submerged in water in a bath

If you have a Walk-in Shower close the doors and turn the shower on really hot for a few minutes prior to cleaning it. The steam helps to loosen dirt well. Fran says shower scrunchies are key to an easily cleaned shower. I haven’t tried those but will do it now I have that idea.

Using bathroom wipes or baby wipes can give an area a good once-over if you’re in a rush and someone is coming around. Though as Deborah pointed out this doesn’t remove limescale so I guess it depends on how much you think your visitors will see/look!

Never throw away an old toothbrush, they are always useful for cleaning before throwing out! Get a firm toothbrush (maybe a used one isn’t so firm anymore) to clean around the taps and plug holes.

When colouring your hair at home I recommend using a shower cap to cover the hair during the waiting period so it doesn’t splash everywhere. This may not be a cleaning tip but it avoids unnecessary cleaning!

If you want everything to really sparkle then Katie says to use white vinegar. I haven’t tried this in the bathroom but have used it in the kitchen so will definitely try this. Joy however says the best way to get things sparkling is a drying cloth to rub everything down.

For a stained toilet bowl pour one cup of vinegar and three good squirts of bleach into the water, leave overnight then flush! For stains above the water line, make a paste using bleach and Barkeepers’ Friend which you can buy from Lakeland (it’s a powder and has so many fab uses) then rub into the toilet bowl with a cloth. Leave overnight then flush. This was a suggestion from Vicky, I have never tried this but will definitely give it a go!

Soap scum is a pain isn’t it, Ellen says Magic Eraser is the best way to get rid of this! I hadn’t thought of that but if it’s as easy as Ellen says I am liking the idea!

Eva uses malt vinegar which is super cheap isn’t it to clean the tiles. She says it really does a great job.

A clean white bathroom

Carolin is another fan of white vinegar for cleaning. She says to fill a plastic bag with some and secure it over a tap with a rubber band for two hours to remove limescale easily brush afterwards with an old toothbrush.

Baby oil isn’t something I would have thought of for bathroom cleaning but Georgina says if you wipe it over tiles and taps it helps repel watermarks. Emma instead uses window cleaner which makes them sparkle.

Do you use a cloth to clean? Ayse says to ditch that and use blue roll instead. She says the dirt sticks to it more easily and it can be thrown away afterwards – bonus!

Instead of expensive toilet cleaners, Lynn recommends bicarbonate of soda down the toilet left for a few hours will bring it up gleaming. A tip she gained from her mother-in-law.

A really easy shower solution from Kate is Method leave in shower cleaner. She says just spray it after you’ve showered and leave it on. Now that does sound easy!

Do you have any top tips or are you actually a lover of cleaning? If so feel free to come and enjoy cleaning for me! How about trying a no spend month and using all those offers you buy and store in the cupboard instead of buying more?

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