Did you know that white vinegar is an excellent, chemical-free way to clean your home? This is especially true of areas in your home that suffer from limescale build-ups, such as kitchens and bathrooms

Why use white vinegar?

White vinegar is an awesome alternative to generic cleaning agents because, not only does white vinegar have some seriously powerful cleaning power, but it is also free from hazardous chemicals that are found in most cleaning products.

These chemicals are often poisonous to humans and pets, as well as often harmful to the environment. 

That’s not to say that specialised cleaning products don’t have their place within your cleaning arsenal; however, there are certainly some more eco-friendly swaps that could prove to provide a better standard of cleaning, as well as a cheaper and less toxic product.

Let’s take a look at some amazing white vinegar cleaning hacks that provide great cleaning power for your home.

White Vinegar Odour Eliminating Room Spray

One of my favourite white vinegar cleaning hacks is the chemical-free odour-eliminating room spray.

This room spray, made using basic white vinegar, is fantastic for using around your home as it’s chemical-free and therefore human and pet safe.

Spray this white vinegar room spray on your sofas, carpets, cushions, curtains, and even dog blankets to remove stubborn odours without releasing harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. 

To create this white vinegar odour-eliminating room spray, simply dilute half a bottle of white vinegar with normal water and spray as you would any other air freshener.

The smell of white vinegar doesn’t last long, so don’t worry! If you want to, feel free to add a few drops of essential oils into the mix.

White Vinegar Is Great For Cleaning Jewellery 

Silver jewellery often ends up looking a bit tarnished, especially if it’s something that is worn frequently, like wedding rings.

Another white vinegar cleaning hack that I love is the dilution of one part vinegar and one part water. Use this solution and a toothbrush or cotton bud to buff up silver jewellery and silverware.

After a couple of minutes, silver jewellery, and any other silverware such as cutlery, will look brand new again.

White Vinegar Removes Limescale

This white vinegar cleaning hack is probably the most well-known, and for a good reason – it works!

White vinegar is an essential tool in anyone’s cleaning kit, especially if you live in an area with hard water. Hard water is the main culprit of limescale due to it containing a higher mineral content, therefore people often find they need to remove limescale deposits in their kitchens and bathrooms fairly frequently.

To clean areas such as taps and showerheads, mix up a solution that contains half white vinegar and half water. Fill a bag or container with this solution and secure it over your showerhead/taps with an elastic band and then leave overnight.

Come back in the morning and simply wipe the limescale clean off the areas that you soaked.

Remove Smudges and Smears On Your Windows

Hands down, one of the best white vinegar cleaning hacks is a chemical-free window cleaner. Simply use white vinegar on its own and wipe the surface of your windows down.

If the smell bothers you (it won’t last long), dilute the white vinegar with a little hot water and then use it the same way as you would use any other chemical window cleaner. 

Out Of Rinse Aid? Use White Vinegar Instead.

I know I can’t be the only person that runs out of rinse aid halfway through the week. As far as first-world problems go, emptying the dishwasher to find smears and soggy dishes is pretty far up the list of annoying things.

Don’t worry though, if you’ve run out of rinse aid, simply use this white vinegar cleaning hack instead. Pour some white vinegar into the rinse aid section of your dishwasher, or simply add a few cups to the bottom of your dishwasher before turning it on.

Don’t forget you will also need to use your normal dishwasher tablets to initially clean the dishes.

These are just a few uses!

The 5 white vinegar cleaning hacks listed above are just the tip of the iceberg. White vinegar is an extremely versatile cleaning aid and, with the cost being so low (around 30p), using this instead of regular cleaning products will save you money.

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