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Are you looking to buy an e-scooter for your child? Are you worried that it may be unsafe? Well here are some e-scooter safety tips to allay those fears.

1. Teach The Basics

When you are looking to make the scooter riding experience a better one for your child, you are going to want to teach the basics. You want to teach them the fundamentals of riding a scooter.

You should be going over the different parts of the scooter they should become familiar with. Certain scooters will have breaks on the back and there will be some that don’t.

You want to ensure that you teach your child how to effectively use the break if they have a scooter with one. This is important for e-scooter safety.

Ideally, you want to begin the training indoors. That way, you make it a safer place to learn and minimize risks. You can ask your child to ride around the house at different speeds to allow him or her to get familiar with it.

Once your child is familiar with the process of riding a scooter, you can begin to let them do so outdoors according to Green Electric Scooters in Ireland.

2. Always Shop For The Right Wheel Size

When you are buying a scooter, one of the most important considerations to make is the wheel size. You need to look at the wheel size when you are shopping for a scooter. You will find the wheel sizes vary considerably.

You can find scooters with wheels as small as 100mm to as large as 110mm. You want to ensure you are getting the right-sized wheels because it will give them better balance while they are riding.

Also, it can play a key role in determining how smooth their riding experience is. If your child is likely to start performing tricks on the scooter, smaller wheels would be ideal.

However, if they aren’t going to be doing that, you likely want to go for a scooter with larger wheels for more stability and a better riding experience.

The weight limit of the scooter is another important factor of e-scooter safety that you should be considering when choosing. You want to try to find the right scooter that holds the weight of your child.

The weight limit needs to be suitable for your child and for however long they intend on using it. Thus, you want to try to opt for a scooter with the maximum weight carrying capacity.

3. Handle Size

Another thing that you need to factor into your buying decision would be the handle size. A lot of parents gloss over this when they are shopping for a scooter.

They assume that the handlebar size is something their kids can get used to. However, the handlebar is one of the most important aspects of the e-scooter safety.

After all, it’s what the children will be holding onto when they are keeping balance. Because of this, you want to ensure that it’s not only got a good grip but that it’s the right size and height. You want it to be in a comfortable position for your child for the best results.

A lot of the scooters that have brakes on the handlebar are the easiest to use. Thus, it would be a good option to consider. By purchasing a scooter with a brake on the handlebar, it can be a much easier ride for anyone.

If you do opt for a scooter with a brake on the handlebar, you should get your child accustomed to using it because it can make riding the scooter much safer when used properly.

4. Helmet and Other Safety Gear

While a scooter can be a very fun thing to use and ride, it can also be very dangerous if not used properly. Because of this, all kids should be wearing the necessary helmets and safety gear when they are riding it.

You want them to be wearing the appropriate safety equipment while riding to minimize the risk of severe injury. A helmet is a must whenever they step foot onto the scooter.

There are other things you can get to reduce the risk of injury including knee and elbow pads and wrist protectors.

Whenever your child falls off a scooter, they are likely to reach down with their wrist. Because of this, you want to try to protect their wrists to keep them from breaking. The other e-scooter safety gear can help reduce the impact of their falls, as well.

5. Wearing Shoes

Whenever your children are riding their scooter, they need to be using shoes. When riding a scooter, you don’t need any specific type of shoes to keep them safe.

Ideally, they will wear sneakers with a well-textured grip on their soles. Shoes can help protect your child’s feet and they will keep them on the scooter rather than on the ground.

6. Keep Away From Risky Areas

There are certain places you will want to keep your child from venturing into with their scooter. For one, you don’t want them to go to an area with a lot of vehicles.

Likewise, you don’t want your children to go to areas they are unfamiliar with when discussing e-scooter safety. Have them stick to a specific area when they go scooter riding for the safest experience.

Use the tips above and they should be able to ride a scooter safely. A scooter can be a great way to encourage your children to spend more time outdoors. You simply want to prepare them as well as possible to do it safely.

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