About three decades ago, kids had to acquire the skills of prepping meals on their own. This is because they were left on their own most of the time. The fact that there were no modern kitchen appliances made it even harder. Nowadays things have changed and you have to teach a child to cook.

Jacket potato with cheese and beans and roasted peppers

With modern appliances, it’s easier for parents and guardians to teach their kids how to cook. You see, when your kid is able to fix meals in the kitchen, you can be sure they will still utilize the skills after maturing.

Besides that, they can be of great help when you need a pair of extra hands in the kitchen. On the other hand, you have to be very careful not to compromise the safety of your child. Here is a list of tips that can help you get started when you want your child to master culinary skills.

1. Safety First

This one actually goes without saying. There is no need of getting your child involved in the kitchen when you are not able to guarantee their safety. And now that we are in the midst of a global pandemic, you must first make sure that all the glossaries are washed with soap and water to get rid of the bugs.

Your child too should wash their hands before getting started. It’s also important for a child to wear an apron. This helps in preventing their delicate skin from coming into contact with sizzling hot soups and also keeps their clothes clean.

Assuming that your kid is between ages 2 and three, it’s obvious he will not be able to reach the kitchen counter as he is still too short. Fortunately, you can enable your child to reach surfaces that are beyond his height by using a learning tower.

Besides that, you should never leave the child alone in the kitchen because they might hurt themselves with the sharp knives or by dipping their hands into hot cooking pots. Teach a child to cook but do it safely.

2. Start with Simple Tasks

When training a child how to cook, it’s advisable you start off with the simplest tasks and advance later after he has gotten used to various culinary items in the kitchen.

Remember, it’s easy for a child to lose interest in stuff that looks complicated. You can get them hooked by making them do tasks that are easy to accomplish. Some of the things that are ideal for a beginner include gentle stirring, squeezing lemons, mashing potatoes and setting the table.

3. Work with a Recipe

Using a recipe is the surest way of instilling cooking skills in children. This is because it’s easier to follow the instructions that are in a recipe than when cooking a meal without following any guidelines whatsoever.

For best results, you should pick a recipe that has simple ingredients. Before you get started. It’s advisable you first read out the recipe and ensure that the kid is able to identify all the ingredients that are required. It’s also recommended that you opt for a meal that doesn’t cook fast so that the kid can have ample time for learning the tasks.

4. Be Patient

A kid can’t master cooking skills overnight. It actually takes months for them to get the hang of it. All along, you have to be patient and compliment them even when the meal tastes horrible. This will encourage them to up their game next time.

You should also not yell at the kid when he gets messy because that’s how they learn. As long as there is no risk of injuring themselves, there is nothing to worry about.

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