If you are often cooking and chopping vegetables and/or meats it is easy for your knives to get blunt without you really noticing.

When this happens it means you cook everything a little slower and find yourself reaching for bigger knives hoping to use the weight of them to help chop things when really the knife blade should be adequate!

Here I want to share with you 5 reasons that you need sharp knives and the difference it makes.

knife block set of coloured knives

This article includes sharp knives I have been sent to try out but all views are my own.

The difference between new knives and a knife sharpener

New knives can be avoided by buying a knife sharpener however if you have poor quality knives you may find they don’t sharpen that well or the handle is already getting loose or has burn marks on it (or is that just me?).

If you enjoy cooking maybe it is time to treat yourself to some new knives instead? Read why sharp knives are better and all about the knives I have tried to see if they are for you.

box of knife block set

5 Reasons sharp knives are better

Less pressure is needed so less accidents

The knife needs less pressure on it in order to cut the food. This means you are more in control of the knife and less likely to slip and do damage to something else, or even yourself.

Of course, you need to remember this as if you use the pressure you did with your old knives you will soon slice your finger and need a box of plasters handy!

blue knife cutting a potato on a wooden board

Food is chopped tidily with more flavour

When you have to hack at food to cut it up it really does lose some of its juice or flavour. Picture cutting a fresh tomato with a butter knife – impossible isn’t it?

This is not dissimilar to a blunt knife. Whatever you are cutting is being hacked around more if the knife doesn’t go straight through and losing juices and firmness.

You won’t cry with onions

Did you know that if you use sharp knives on onions do not make you cry? Go on give it a try and see how you get on!

Comment below and let me know! This means you can add more onions to meals and chop them smaller if you need to hide them too!

blue knife cutting a white onion on a wooden board

Cooking is quicker

When it is easier to cut the food you can cook a meal so much more quickly.

This means you have more time to drink gin, read a book or just relax and watch the TV. there is really no better reason than this to buy new knives, a chance for more free time!

Less food waste

With a sharp knife, it is easier to use all of your vegetables and cut more easily around the fat of meat for example to minimise waste and as such save you money too!

selection of coloured knives in a plastic clear knife stand

Kuhn Rikon vision stand – Knives reviewed

When I was first sent this knife set to review I must admit I was dubious, I have so many knives already, would these three be enough for all the different things I cut up?

I must say I was surprised. The reality is you don’t need lots of knives, just decent sharp knives!

The knives in this set come in a clear safe container so they look nice and are perfect to hand when needed. Simply slot them into the top wherever you fancy and grab them when you need them.

I found these knives extremely sharp and they truly glided through everything I used them for, much better than the knives I had previously that are regularly sharpened so that was a surprise!

Previously I have been the sort of person who has bought quite cheap budget knives but actually, I love these and it made me realise that when it comes to knives maybe the price tag does indicate the quality a little more. I think this set has become a kitchen essential for me.

If you fancy buying yourself this knife set then it is available on Amazon and could even be with you tomorrow if you buy it on Amazon Prime!

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