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If you’ve ever tried to stock up on high-quality kitchen essentials for a new kitchen or simply to enhance the quality of tools in your current kitchen, you’ve probably discovered that it’s much more complicated than it should be. And it all makes sense, right? Everywhere we turn these days, someone is urging us to buy their product, which will ostensibly make our lives easier.

Instead of making our lives simpler, all of this increased choice has made it much more difficult to distinguish between the good and the bad. We’ve tried to make it as simple as possible to navigate this kitchen essentials list and find exactly what you need.

kitchen worktop

A Chef’s Knife

Depending on the amount you’re prepared to spend, there is a variety of chef knives you could own. You could go for a cheaper option that will cost you less but will be a little harder to use. However, there is a premium quality option that has its advantages.

Switching from a cheap chef’s knife to a high-quality knife would be a night and day difference. It’s much easier to cut and slice with a high-quality chef’s knife because it was much sharper, stronger, and easier to use. And, since a chef’s knife can be used for all of your cutting needs (and should be used every time you cook), one high-quality purchase can last you for years.

A Cutting/Chopping Board

A decent cutting board is one of the most simple kitchen tools you’ll need. It, like your chef’s knife, will be used every time you cook, so choose one that is both robust and well-designed. If you’ve never used a premium cutting board, it’ll be difficult to appreciate how distinctive – and how much better quality – it is. However, upgrading to a cutting board will bring you joy every time you use it in the kitchen.

chopping boards

A Frying Pan (Non-Stick is best) 

Since eggs and pancakes are best cooked on a non-stick surface, every home requires a non-stick pan for breakfast duties. It’s also a multi-purpose pan that could be used to sear meats, sauté vegetables, and make sauces.

A Saucepan (1 or more)

When you need to cook anything with liquids, such as boiling pasta and vegetables or simmering sauces and beans, a saucepan is ideal. A 4-quart saucepan comes highly recommended. It is simple to navigate and treat, and it’s ideal for cooking for one or four people.

saucepan on gas ring

A Stock Pot

You’ll want a 12-quart stockpot on hand for larger batches of soups, stews, and pasta. Its foundation ensures even heating, ensuring that your soups are cooked uniformly.

Baking Dish

Glass baking dishes are ideal for use in the oven to bake casseroles and enchiladas. Since it’s microwave-safe, an 8-inch size can be used to pre-cook vegetables for the fast Microwave & Saute Cooking Method. Also, you can completely cook vegetables when your oven and stove are both occupied.

open oven

The Measuring Spoons

Even if you choose to “eyeball” ingredients, having a set of measuring spoons on hand can come in handy when you need accurate measurements. They can also be used as mini spoons to scoop spices and dried herbs! A magnetic kit is small enough to fit into spice jars and sticks together, so you never have to worry about misplacing the teaspoon or the tablespoon!

Measuring Cups

Measuring cups are important for bakers, but they’re also useful in daily cooking. A 1-quart measuring cup tool makes measuring liquids much easier and faster, and you can make sauces and vinaigrettes right inside it before pouring it into whatever you’re cooking.

A close up of a brown wooden spoon

The Wooden Spoons

Wooden spoons are gentle on your cooking surfaces and will last a lifetime. Avoid the dishwasher for this one! Choose a kit that includes several wooden spoons if you’re using it for a variety of cooking tasks.

Blender (Immersion/Stick)

Forget about the weight of a blender! You can now puree soups in their pots, mix single-serving smoothies, and produce super creamy and smooth vinaigrettes and dressings. It’s so simple to use that even cleaning it is simple – simply pop off the blade for quick cleaning.

A bowl of icecream with whisk on a table

Preparation Bowls

Any kitchen should have a collection of prep bowls to keep all of your ingredients together. You’ll save a lot of space and have the versatility of covers that will lock off ingredients that aren’t quite ready to prepare yet if you have collapsible prep bowls. Glass prep pots, on the other hand, can be used as serving dishes!

Lubricants for any Moving Parts

If you have a barbeque area with any moving parts, you will need some lubricants. However, you will need to use these carefully to avoid contaminating the food. Store them safely to avoid contamination even more. Buy some engine oil packaging to avoid any lubricant spillages in the food area. 

A wooden cutting board, with Cook peeling courgettes


When you’re getting your kitchen set, ensure you have a nice, sharp peeler on hand to strip vegetable peels, shave off cheese, and make veggie ribbons.

The Whisk

Although forks and chopsticks are useful for emulsifying ingredients including vinegar and oils, a whisk is faster and more effective. A whisk can come in handy if you make vinaigrettes and marinades to season salads and everything else almost every night!

The Can Opener

You don’t want to leave home without a can opener! Canned beans and vegetables are excellent pantry staples for fast cooking, but a lot of other items come in containers that need a can opener.  These include coconut milk, curry paste, fruits, crushed tomatoes, and so on.

A close up of a can opener


The right kitchen essentials are not only important for cooking but ensure you keep your budgeting in control. Keeping it essential means you shouldn’t have tools in your kitchen that you never use. Take your time, read through the list again, plan your money, and then buy. Also, now that you’ve bought these tools, try out some new recipes.

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